Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm in DC Thinking About New York -- Burberry Prorsum Double Breasted Military Peacoat from Winter 2010

(Below) My Beloved Louis Vuitton Naxos Cabas 

I remember the first time I was in New York city, the experience was so bad that I swore to myself that I will never visit again. The sauna-like subway stations filled with various sizes of rodents, the reckless cab driver that would run over anything that's in his way, and the fear of something would drop on you while you walk among all the skyscrapers are a few things that I hate about New York.

It's been many years since the first time I was there. And now, I can't even remember how many times I've been to this city, a city that I love and hate. I love the open-minded people: you can just truly be yourself. No one cares about speaking the perfect English because it's not their native language either. No one cares about how eccentric you're dressing because they've seen weirder. I mean, the city just celebrated their "No Pants Day" fro crying out loud... 

Manhattan is like a miniature of the whole world. You can find anything, I mean anything, on this island.   
The most exotic food, the clothes of barely or widely known designers, the limited edition of anything, or even the most bizarre life style choice... I'm from Beijing, but the most delicious Xiao Long Bao (small steamed bums) I had was at a restaurant in China town. 

I usually take the bus to New York and before you enter into the Lincoln tunnel, you'll see this typical landscape of Manhattan, breathtakingly beautiful. But when you're among all the skyscrapers, you can't help but notice the dark sides of this city. The poorest and richest live harmoniously on this island. People say that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere else. But I guess I'm not tough enough for the city. Every time when I conclude my shopping trip and sitting back on the bus, exhausted, I feel released to leave all the fuss behind me and come back to the quiet life at DC. 

New York, I love you, but I just can't stay.... :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skull and Pearl -- Luis Morais Jewelry at Aloha Rag

(Below) The Signature Bracelet from Luis Morais
Made of 18k Gold and Ebony Beads
Top on My Drooling List

The aesthetic of Luis Morais, the most sought-after jeweler based in Miami, is a combination of gothic dark and elegant light. Using varieties of luxury materials including Brazilian ebony beads, crocodile and lizard skin, sandalwood and gold, his high end jewelry has been an instant hit since its debut in 2000. 

He started his jewelry workshop by DIY a bracelet that he saw on a magazine. Due to popular demands, he had to make many similar pieces for his friends. As the requests piled up, he quit his job and started his own business. And now his collection are available around the globe in many high-end designer boutiques. If I knew DIY can turn into a successful business like Luis Morais, I would pay much more attention to the arts and crafts class when I was in school... 

His collection is available at Aloha Rag and the Bergdorf Goodman store at New York:) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One and Only -- Balenciaga Black Leather Jacket from Summer 2010

I'm confident to say that inside everyman's closet, there's at least one leather jacket they just love more than anything else. In my case, it's the one and only Balenciaga crepe leather jacket from Summer 2010. Their leather jackets are know for the sleek silhouette, the minimal design, and the fact that there's no lining at all. It was just a layer of thick and ultra fine calf leather. And what's most wonderful about leather jacket is that it ages as you do...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

For All the Good Memories -- Balenciaga Double Breasted Coat Made of Tissue Fabric

I waited in anxiety for 6 months for the Balenciaga fall winter 2011 menswear release. I was anxious because the spring summer 2011 collection was a huge disappointment and has been heavily criticized. As the menswear line drifting from its ultra futurism to whatever the spring summer is, I feel desolated.

I guess Nicholas Ghesquiere, still my hero who's taking the helm of Balenciaga, is just too busy with his flourishing womenswear. The double breasted coat is the only piece I got from the current fall winter 2010. The stiff tissue fabric makes the shape of this coat an icon of Balenciaga's minimalism. I waited until it's 50% off and was surprised that many of the outwears were still available in my size. They usually just fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive. I assume sales has already been affected by the poor design. Please let the coming womenswear show be a shot in the arm!

Balenciaga accessories are available at

Friday, January 21, 2011

From Military to High Street -- Balmain 2011 Fall Winter Menswear

Balmain has made a quite dramatic entrance coming back to high fashion, thanks to the talented Chritstophe Decarnin. His inimitable cut, constructed shoulder,  military badges, and everything else that is glamorous rock has made celebrities go crazy for his clothes. But with the buzz fading away, the 2011 spring summer womenswear has been a huge disappointment. We're just getting tired of the huge disco ball that's been spinning for two years since its 2008 debut.

I had high hope for Christophe Decarnin when he started making menswear. A hope that he'll become the next Hedi Slimane. But with very limited looks available and his stubbornness in sticking with military, the works have been just okay. But the 2011 fall winter menswear is quite promising and inspiring. Yes, we still see the crested button pea coat and the iconic shearing jacket, but a freshening breeze of high street is quietly penetrating into the looks. It's still early to tell if this is the right path for Balmain menswear, but I'm so thrilled to see some changes!

Speaking of Hedi Slimane, isn't the toggle coat (above) an exactly replica of his Hedi's work for Dior Homme?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creased Wonder --Neil Barrett Creased Sports Jacket and Fabric Brooch

I've been a sucker for anything that has the feel of nonchalant and effortless chic. I love clothes that are comfortable and hassle-free. The kind that you can just toss it around and getting it all wrinkled. The only material that allows this kind of ravage would be creased cotton: comfortable as your sweatshirt but not sacrificing the style. Thanks to Mr. Neil Barrett, the most relaxed and stylish guy in Fashion, we now have something that is truly versatile and fashionable.

As seen on almost every piece of the fall winter show, the cotton embellishment brooch can turn this casual jacket into a party wear in just a second...

I'm wearing a Lanvin Sneaker, Raf Simons Cotton pants, and a Neil Barrett Shirt that I posted here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Royal Dog Show -- Moncler Gamme Bleu Men's 2011 Fall Winter at Milan Fashion Week

Do I really need to comment on any of the clothes? I seriously doubt that any of us, or anyone at the runway, was paying attention to the fabric, the cut, the inspiration, or whatever that involves fashion critique. I just can't help but adore those Beagles! And by the way, Beagles are my favorite dogs of all kind.

I've seen shows that are just so quirky and distracting that you rarely notice the clothes, but dogs? Beagle dogs? I'll buy whatever that are presented as long as they don't distract me from dog watching.

I had a chance to raise a Beagle dog for only two weeks this past Summer and then I had to leave it to my sister. I was so heart braked that I get very emotional every time I see a beagle dog walking by. My beagle was about 2 months old when I had him and he was a perky little tough dog that is just .... is there any word that is cuter that "cute"?. It's weird to say this but isn't beagle the most fashionable dog ever. I mean, look at the colors and the chic patch works... - -! It cracks me up that every time I see the little white tips at the end of  their tail swings while walking.

Did I say anything about the clothes? ... ...
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