Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Captain! --Balmain F/W 2010 Military Insignia Wool Pea Coat with Golden Crested Button

I've been having mixed feelings about Balmain Homme. I resent its larger than life price tags that almost as expensive as for haute couture even though it's only ready to wear. However, I do yearn for all the military uniform-y fun that it brings to us. Like most of us expected, the fever for ripped T-shirts and embellished jackets from Balmain is only an affair, not a committed relationship. We're so unsettled with fashion that the we constantly look for new excitement to make our hearts tremble. The 2011 Spring Summer Balmain show was definitely not as arousing as it use to be. It's hard to be faithful when there are so many new choices every season~~

I've been holding my pocket string string firmly for Balmain until I saw this wool pea coat from fall/winter 2010 collection. The iconic Balmain shape, the golden crested buttons, and the simple military insignia on each sleeve finally got me spelled. I'm still working on pulling it off with my own twist and here's what I've got so far. Any suggestions?

I'm wearing a Zara blue strip T-shirt underneath, which ironically happen to one of the many replicas of Balmain. The Zara T-shirt is retailed for $49 and the Balmain one is for $549 or something like that. What a business~~

Balmain stocklists:


  1. u are so pretty, such an inspiration for every fashion lovers.

  2. Thanks Matthew ~~ Wonder if you have a blog?

  3. The balmain looks great! I really liked this jacket too but the insignia was a bit too costume-y for me so I got the plain peacoat version. Don't you just love the way these jackets are cut and constructed? Amazing!

  4. Looks AMAZING!Im so jealous

    I absolutely LOVE the Pea Coat, wanted one for myself, but decieded to save for an Balmain Iconic Leather Jacket.

    Btw, really nice blog, I´ll be back for sure! Keep up the good work!

  5. I have my eyes on one of the leather jacket form SS2011. The one that has many details such as epaulets and straps ~~

  6. I actually dig dig dig the overall silhouette of the peacoat but there's just something off with the applique of the arrow things that just doesn't do it for me. Beautiful coat though.

  7. I am OBSESSED! I want this now! :(
    haha all jokes aside, this is genius.

    Jose C.

  8. wow such a cool jacket
    brings the military / vintage feel without going rugged

    also, this model i see everywhere, he recently did a huge project for acne.
    do you happen to know him name?

    love your blog! now one of my favs

  9. I don't know his name but I personally prefer Clément Chabernaud in the Balmain SS10 campaign ... :)

  10. that is the one piece I'm dying to's in my bookmark page at Matches Fashion, waiting for it to go on sale!

  11. /\ matches sale already started in december and blazer was only availavle in sz 52 and sold out pretty fast


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