Saturday, December 12, 2009

SlowMotion Vintage: Dior Homme 2008 F/W Broken Class Broken Heart

Dior Homme 2008 F/W

Like every other fashionista in every other corner of the world, I'm still lamenting over the leaving of Hedi Slimane. Kris still seems to be finding his way of tiding over Dior Homme and millions of royal fans of Hedi. The 2008 F/W from Kris was dark and sloppy, not in a bad way though. In this collection of grief, I struggled to find a piece that reminds me of the days when Dior Homme stirs the butterflies in my stomach. I didn't. So I picked this one, only one, from the collection to commemorate the feeling of happy and satisfied.

I need more Balenciaga to ease my pain :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chanel Paris-Shanghai 巴黎--上海 Métiers D'Arts Collection 2009-2010

Chanel Paris-Shanghai

When I was first amazed by the Chanel Paris-Moscow collection, I knew Shanghai will be the next place for Lagerfeld to take over. There are just so many elements in China, especially in Shanghai, that he can play with. There's a general stereotype for Shanghai people for being pretentious and arrogant. I'm not sure if it is true but I do know that they have some kind of quality that differs from people from Beijing, like me. I promise, people at Shanghai will not let Karl down. Not to mention that Asia, especially China, has become the major market for luxuries. I have no doubt that this collection will soon be sold out after they arrived at stores. The ultra fine craftsmanship of haute couture is what differentiates regular luxury brands with only read to wear lines. Lagerfeld again showed us the rich history of Chanel and the even richer history of fine tailoring. People are still talking about the Russian Doll inspired accessories from Paris-Moscow, and now there comes a similar version of Chinese doll handbag for people to seek after. If I have to complain about it, I'd say that everything is too similar to the Paris-Mowcow, even the make-up, hairdo, and settings. But it's still flattering to have a Chanel-Shanghai collection. Be prepared, real BIG SPENDERS are coming!

The telegraph UK commented "the 'Terracotta Army', the urban romanticism of Chinese cinema, the glittering, decadent-chic of 1930s Shanghai, and the opulence of the imperial court."

For more details, visit

Keep Up the Speed! Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010 is HERE!

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010

The very much anticipated snow for winter 09 has just arrived at where I live. While I'm still pondering which F/W 09 pieces to choose from Burberry Prorsum, the pre-fall 2010 is here. I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by all the Communist Green. There's definitely a Russian theme going on judging from the spectacular Paris-Moscow Collection by Chanel. The military green is very likely going to be a seasonal color. But it is quite difficult to pull off by non-model and ordinary slender boy like me - - Though I do love the cape!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Modeling for Burberry Prorsum Contrast Woven Shirt & Sartoralist in DC

Burberry Prorsum F/w 2009 Contrast Woven Shirt

Wandering in DC

The reason why I love Washington DC, besides the fair weather and authentic Korean restaurants around Annadale VA, is because it's close to NYC. I was spending Thanksgiving break at DC couple days ago and yes, I went to NYC on Black Friday for shopping. We took the bus fairly early in the morning and four hours later, we arrived at NYC around noon. I've been to the Big Apple many times and I may not know how to get around at Central Park (can't believe that I still haven't been to the Park yet, after these many visits), but I do know where the goodies are! To me, the Core is definitely Chelsea area, probably because that's where Balenciaga is. I've developed a exclusive map for my kind of shopping trip. After several field practices, I now can manage my shopping trip to NYC in one day without missing any of my favorite store. Anyone interested in getting the map? Email me! Another thing that I am proud of is that I've seldom paid sale tax. I love the phrase "shop till you drop", but these days, I normally tell the SAs to ship my purchases. I mostly shop at stand-alone boutiques for most brands, so I don't have to pay sales tax. For example, if Burberry doesn't have a store in your State, then there is no sales tax on the products shipped to that State. Same policy apply to most stores. Not to mention that it's so much easier to shop without carring all the bags.

This shirt was one of my quite selective shopping conquests. Sorry for the wrinkles. I accidentally sat on it on my way back to DC! I also tried on the Camel Coat (shown below), but I am too small for their Euro 48. What's wrong with making your clothes in size 46 ? Chris! I actually called the store tailor to see if some nip/tuck can help. But the tailor said it was too much work and it'll probably destroy the silhouette. The tailor actually said that they are losing a lot business because of the small rage of sizes. SO DEAR MR. BAILEY, I'D LIKE TO SEE SOME OF YOUR GORGEOUS COATS IN 46 FOR THE COMING SEASON!PLEASE!!!

The second pix above was taken near the Washington DC Monument. I was so thrilled by the fair weather that I had to go out and take some pix. I was wearing my Philllip Lim Coat, Bvlgari Carbon Gold Watch, and caring my Louis Vuitton VLADIMIR portfolio bag.

Burberry is one SALE!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Burberry Sale Starts December 3rd, Thursday

RECEIVE A 25%-35%

To Purchase, visit boutiques or

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bvlgari Carbon Gold -- Celebration of Bvlgari's 125th Anniversary

Long-Lost Friend -- Bvlgari Carbon Gold Watch

While enjoying my thrilling moment of reunion with my long-last watch, I'm still pretty stumbled by the fact that it took me two months to purchase this watch. I've be longing for a watch with a small dial plate that fits my wrist and it has to be both stylish and fine-crafted. I finally found one at Bvlgari, my all time favorite jewelry store. I don't even count as a rooky in buying watches, but I knew I had to get it. I went to the store the same day I saw the catalog. To save on sales tax, I chose to do the mail order. The package arrived almost three days late and when I finally got the package, it was all damaged with crappy tape all over the box, not the kind of tape with Bvlagari print on it. I anxiously opened the box and to my all time biggest shock, the watch was gone, only the case was there. The package must have been opened during shipping. I immediately called the store and they said the package was insured so I didn't need to worry a thing. The store also told me to file a claim with UPS, which I did. After filing the claim, I went through a extremely frustrating waiting and calling. The UPS refused to reveal any information because they only deal with the shippers, the Bvlgari store. The store, however, kept telling me to wait or to call UPS myself. After TWO MONTH of waiting and making phone calls with mind-numbingly stupid Bvlgari store manager, still nothing. So I researched and researched and I found out that when the claim is finalized, the UPS is going to send a reimbursement check to the shipper Bvlgari, which is opposite to what I was told by Bvlagri. I waited and waited, and waited for nothing. I was so pissed off by the moron store manager so I contacted the NYC headquarter and with helps from several customer service representatives, the store manager finally faxed all the documents UPS needed to finalize the claim. After two month of struggling, I finally received my new watch. The whole process usually only take 10 days, and somehow with the an INEFFICIENT AND STUPID store manager, it took me TWO MONTH. I can't even recall how many times when I called the store manager and was told that she was either on vacation or in meeting or no where to find. I can't say that I am not disappointed by the poor customer service from Bvlgari. AND FROM NOW ON, I OFFICIALLY HATE UPS! Careless carrier ever!

I can go on and on complaining, but I decided to celebrate my reunion with my long-last watch. The carbon gold features a black dial and a strap in calf leather with a carbon buckle and a stainless steel ardillon. This special edition watch was created to celebrate BVLGARI's 125th anniversary. The dial was made of 18k white gold and carbon, which is perfect combination for stylish watches. This limited collection is embodied with a number on each watch. With a price many times cheaper than their regular collection pieces, this is definitely a must-buy. Did I mention that it is Chronograph, which is totally useless but extremely cool ...

To purchase online while stock available, visit bvlagri

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Agnes B Men's F/W 2009 Plus Holiday Exclusives

Agnes b. Holiday Gift Ideas

(Images above are from BagaholicBoy)

You'd better watch out! You'd better not cry! Because the holiday season has officially started. To boost your appetite for holiday shopping, Agnes b. is proudly presenting a series of holiday gifts and the men's F/w collection. I'm assuming the bears are products of co-op between Agnes b & and widely known TOY2R, a Hong Kong based toy design shop. I have to get the golden one in the middle and maybe the black one too. The only problem is that Agnes b somehow are so low-profile in the States, compared to their gazillion stores in Asia. There are only two standalone stores in NYC and the one in SOHO has recently closed. So now there's only one left on Madison. I mean, the SOHO store opened in 1983, as her symbol of marching into the American market. They don't have any online retailer either and I think they really should learn from their neighbor A.P.C, who also has limited storefronts but a popular online retail store. As for the F/w collection, I'm very much liking those artistic print shirts.

Visit NYC boutique at 1063 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10028. (212) 570-9333

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shhh.. Saks Fifth Avenue Black Friday Sale is Here

Be on WATCH OUT! Black Friday is coming.
8AM to Noon
Friday, November 27
Take an additional 40% off already reduced prices for a total up to 60% off
Up to 55% off original prices on selections for him
(After noon and all weekend, take an additional 25% off for a total of up to 50% off for her, and 40% off for him)

Can't Wait? The savings start Thanksgiving Day at

Monday, November 23, 2009

McQ by Alexander McQueen Winter 2009

McQ Hooded Wool Fair Isle Sweater on Left $524

Red Cotton Biker Jacket on Right (Leather Version is Sold at $1,788)

Top with Attached Scarf on Right $214

It's a pity that we don't have a lot McQ sold here in the States. I'm getting very strong vibes from the hooded fair isle sweater and the shearing jacket. Only complain I have for McQ is that over the years, the price's becoming more and more Alexander McQueen, the high-end collection. Pieces for McQ are mostly well designed, but the materials they use sometimes are really second line materials. The hooded fair isle sweater, for example, is made of regular wool that itches sensitive skin, but still it is sold for $524 at Zappos. Shearing is definitely a big hit for this season and I've seen so many versions from several designers. Some of them are sold around $5,000 (Dior Homme Shearing Jacket). I hope the one from McQ is pocket friendly.

To purchase men's McQ, visit &

Friday, November 20, 2009

Modeling for 3.1 Phillip Lim Bomber Jacket

Phillip Lim A/W 09 Bomber Jacket

A/w 2009 Look-Book

The Phillip Lim store at NYC SOHO is a must-see. Behind the low-profile facade, are pieces of avant-garde designs and exceptional quality. As neighbors of Marc Jacobs and Marni, the Lim's store has managed to standout by harnessing their relatively kind price tags and exceptional designs and quality. I have personally encountered several pieces from Marc Jacobs collection that are made of crappy materials used mostly by economic brands, but they seem to have no problem attach high-end price tags for them. That's probably why I've never contributed a penny to the Marc Jacob store, but a lot to the Phllip Lim's. I noticed this leather jacket a while ago when I was browsing through their look-books. I didn't hang up on it probably because the look their created with the jacket is somewhat dull and plain. But when I visited the store, the buttery leather broke me down. I purchased an extra small because their pieces normally run big and the leather does stretch out. Besides the unconventional look, the attachable fur collar is another factor that aroused me. The soft fur touches around your neck and it feels unbelievable warm during harsh weather.
Tip of purchasing leather Jacket: Always buy one size down because leather does stretch out; The more buttery the leather, the better they look when worn out!

To purchase 3.1 Phillip Lim, visit

Monday, November 16, 2009

Alexander McQueen S/s 2010 Plus Lady GAGA

The Golden Metallic Dress Lady Gaga Was Wearing

This Ultimate Cool Heel Also Appeared in The Music Video

As Well As This One

When I first saw the Alexander McQueen S/s 2010 collection, I knew Lady GAGA will hand down all these incredible futuristic and surrealistic pieces. Every piece is a truly a work of art that should be exhibited at museum. No one does the exotic prints better than McQueen and the high heels, I mean, can anyone else have the guts and minds to create shoes like those? For Lady Gaga, this whole collection can be her wardrobe. I admire her courage for being so bold and creative, but not very much with her music. If it isn't for the draw-dropping outfits of her, she's no more than a pop singer with cheesy pop musics. Still, she is coooooool. Bravo to Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga.

To purchase the current season of Alexander McQueen, visit

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