Monday, November 16, 2009

Alexander McQueen S/s 2010 Plus Lady GAGA

The Golden Metallic Dress Lady Gaga Was Wearing

This Ultimate Cool Heel Also Appeared in The Music Video

As Well As This One

When I first saw the Alexander McQueen S/s 2010 collection, I knew Lady GAGA will hand down all these incredible futuristic and surrealistic pieces. Every piece is a truly a work of art that should be exhibited at museum. No one does the exotic prints better than McQueen and the high heels, I mean, can anyone else have the guts and minds to create shoes like those? For Lady Gaga, this whole collection can be her wardrobe. I admire her courage for being so bold and creative, but not very much with her music. If it isn't for the draw-dropping outfits of her, she's no more than a pop singer with cheesy pop musics. Still, she is coooooool. Bravo to Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga.

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