Sunday, November 15, 2009

Louis Vuitton VLADIMIR Portfolio in Taiga Leather

Posing with Phillip Lim Over Coat

Posing with Marni Techno-Cotton Coat

The ultimate men's bag has and will always be portfolio bags. I've always wanted a small bag because most of the time, I only need to carry my wallet and my keys with me. It is cumbersome to have a normal handbag just for you keys and wallet. I've spotted the Louis Vuitton Honore portfolio for a long time (Shown below). It's the made of Nomade leather, the finest and most expensive material of Louis Vuitton. I had an emotionally breakdown when I first saw the super organized inside structure of this bag. Yes, I am highly organized. And it is made of suede, which is extra plus plus plus! So I marched into the store and conquered.... another one, the VLADIMIR (shown above). It's several hundreds dollar cheaper (probably because the inside material is canvas, rather than suede) and it has a handle! The problem with portfolio bags is that you have carry it like a clutch, and sometimes it looks a bit feminine (depending on the people carrying it and occasions). The handle solves all the problems. I actually prefer carrying it like a handbag ( first pix) because it is more comfortable and unique.

Louis Vuitton HONORE $1,790


  1. hey, i am planning to sell my Balenciaga bag (the one that you posted below your profile). Wondering if you are interested?

  2. Thanks :) But I just bought the new Balenciaga voyage bag. Should've updated my blog more often --!

  3. Just got the Vladimir. Got it mostly because my 55 keepall, roadster and other bags are too big to carry around. The nice thing about Vladimir is the holder and the fact that it s super slim makes it seem super-sleek (at least from 5 meters :) ). I usually care around just keys, pens, small organizer and either kindle dx or ipad. I was glad the macbook 13 fits in as well. However, the pen slots are not much and sadly I have the habit of over-bulging it :) Can I inquire... is the portfolio durable? Seems a bit fragile to me and I don t know how it will look in a year or two :) thx. Jan

  4. I've never had any problem with Louis Vuitton products. For taiga leather, they usually ages very well. The only concern I have is that the zipper doesn't look as durable as for other Vuitton products ~~ Enjoy your Bag!

    If you like, please follow my blog. Appreciated!


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