Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love Remembered in Cameo -- Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2011 Cameo Jewelries

I love Bottega Veneta! I love their takes on combing classics with just the right amount of edginess. I admire their respect to traditional craftsmanship and am constantly amazed by their beautiful and intricate works. It sounds cheesy but I visit their stores as a trip to a museum of artworks. The only difference being that I do occasionally bring back the real artworks, not those souvenirs $-$!

The cameo are hand-carved at Naples, where cameo was first practiced by ancient Romans. The elaborate metal parts were darkened silver filigrees. Cameo jewelries are elegantly making a come back. Maybe it's only hallucination, but I do remember watching a classic movie about a beautiful but sad love story, in which the cameo ring being a key prop. Unlike many other jewelries, cameos, with a portrait of a beautiful lady, seems to be telling a mysterious love story. Please educate me if you know anything interesting about cameo rings><

Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Bears -- Adidas Originals + Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear Sneakers 2011

(Below) The Pink Ones Are Not Mine.... I Swear! 
 (Below) Prada Techno Jacket and Acne Jeans 
 (Below) In What Day, I Can Go Out... ... 

The Spring Summer Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals is as romantically naive as usual. The fire, lightnings, wings that glow in the dark, and of course, the fluffy teddy bears are almost too childish for designer fashion. And I know I'm probably too old for this but who can resist fluffy brown smiling bears?! I bet Anna Wintour secretly owns a pair and wears all the time when at home...

Not to mention that all the fuss about this pair on the blogsphere even before it hits the store. I called the Originals store at Georgetown way back in February, but they didn't have a waiting list so it's basically first come first served. I was lucky to accidentally dropped by the store on its first day of sale. I went there the next day to buy my friend the pink one and most of the sizes were sold out already...

If your inner child is also craving for this pair? Run fast to the store:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Am B -- B in New York and Got Wicked

Burberry Prorsum T-shirt with Military Brooch from F/W 2010
(Below) I Have a Thing for Brooch, Especially for Unique Ones Like This
 (Below)My Not-so-professional Photographer is Talented at Snapping Photos
When People Blink...

 Balenciaga Men's Voyage Bag

My top three brands are: Balmain, Burberry Prorsum, and Balenciaga. They all starts with the letter "B" and hear this: My last name is Bai. Is it just coincidence? I don't think so... the universe has something planned for me and I hope it always involved Balmain, Burberry Prorsum and Balenciaga ><

Yes, I wend to New York again. I went there for a long overdue wish: watch the hit broadway show . I finally got ticket this time, and it was worth the $250 that I paid for the premium seating. I can't help but did a little bit window shopping though... I mean, I'm in New York. I didn't realize until I saw the photos that I was wearing all my three favorite Bs when I visited New York. That's Wicked ----

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wrapped Me Tight -- Duvetica Down Vest

& Lacoste Live Gingham Shirt
(Below) Dear Kenny McCormick... I don't wanna be killed anymore.
(Below) Chinese Pop Diva Faye Wong Wearing Duvetica Down Jacket
Photo Credit: 00o00

I'm having a serious fever with colorful down jackets these days. Maybe it's the excruciating cold weather, or I'm just tired of the black and gray of a typical winter. The down jackets from Duvetica, a similar brand of Moncler that's also from Italy, caught my attention with its neon colors and a zipper that can zip up all the way to your head with an extended zipper around the edge of the hood. I guess this is what Kenny McCromick's been wearing all these years in South Park. 

Compare to Moncler, a company known for fancy down jackets, Duvetica's colors are more edgier and funkier. Not to mention the many more choices you have with Duvetica. And what is most appealing is that they're about 30% -50% cheaper than Moncler! But the quality is as superb:) So why not? 

Duvetica jackets are mostly available at Barneys Co-op stores. and

Monday, February 7, 2011

Korean Hip Pop Artist G-Dragon Wearing Burberry Prorsum in His MV

(Below) A Gorgeous Vest with Medal Embellishments 

Burberry Prorsum is huge in Korea. It's like the official uniform for all kinds of celebrities. Remember the 15th. Pusan International Festival where almost all celebrities wore at least one piece from Burberry Prorsum. Even though my family is Korean nationally, an ethnic minority from China that actually descents from Korea, but I don't know much about Korean pop artists.

G-Dragon, a former leader for the hip hop group called Big Bang, is considered the most fashion-concerned artist in Korea. His huge influence on fashion has made him a regular guest for big fashion houses like Chanel, Burberry Prorsum, and Balmain, just to name a few.

In his latest music video called  , he's seen wearing two statement pieces from the Burberry Prorsum 2011 spring summer collection amont Christian Louboutin sneakers, Givenchy shirts, and an extremely rare %1000 CHANEL BE@RBRICK. I'm not a big fan for hip hop music but I do envy his prorsum vest with all the medal embellishments... 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keep It Light & Warm -- Moncler Down Jacket

(Below)A Whimsical Goose Shows You How to Take Care
of Your Jacket ><
(Below) Excuse Me for the Sleepy Eyes... The Cold Weather
Makes me Drowsy - -!
(Below) Lanvin Boots 
(Below) I'm Wearing a Prova Rabbit Fur Hat with "BangBangs"

As a hopeless fashionisto, I believe that style overcomes cold weather. I would never succumbed to bulky and extra long down jackets no matter how excruciating the weather gets. And that's why I've never owned any long-johns in my life and the only long john I'll get in the future is probably for trying out one of those sexy casual look that wears a long johns as a pair of pants... and that is one difficult look to pull off... 

But I can make an exception for bulky down jackets that are so light, warm, colorful, durable, and stylish....that is Moncler. Or you could say that the cold weather finally broke me down... Now I just can't go out without my Moncler jacket. I normally just wear a t-shirt underneath it and I'm good to go. The jacket is made of French down fills and shiny durable nylon and its shiny colors has brighten up the usually grey and dull winter wears since its debut. 

Beside many considerate details in designs, my favorite is the invisible waistband. For most Moncler jackets, the waistbands are invisible from outside because they're attached to the lining, and leaving the  edge of the jacket draping naturally from the outside. That way, it prevents the wind from sneaking in and saves you from looking like a bucket. 

I got mine from during Christmas sale at 40% off.... and they are also available at following retailers:

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