Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love Remembered in Cameo -- Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2011 Cameo Jewelries

I love Bottega Veneta! I love their takes on combing classics with just the right amount of edginess. I admire their respect to traditional craftsmanship and am constantly amazed by their beautiful and intricate works. It sounds cheesy but I visit their stores as a trip to a museum of artworks. The only difference being that I do occasionally bring back the real artworks, not those souvenirs $-$!

The cameo are hand-carved at Naples, where cameo was first practiced by ancient Romans. The elaborate metal parts were darkened silver filigrees. Cameo jewelries are elegantly making a come back. Maybe it's only hallucination, but I do remember watching a classic movie about a beautiful but sad love story, in which the cameo ring being a key prop. Unlike many other jewelries, cameos, with a portrait of a beautiful lady, seems to be telling a mysterious love story. Please educate me if you know anything interesting about cameo rings><


  1. drooling over this! love the greek inspiration here!


  2. The Greek inspiration is awesome, they really have a sense of stylistic power and always capture my imagaination.


    Last Style of Defense

  3. Love these, but are they for men or women? I am trying to help make my mother more glamorous, so these could be perfect!

  4. Looks like chocolate, craved inside the metal haha.
    Yes I'm hungry..


  5. Love the Greek inspiration- subtle yet makes a big statement.

    Jose C.

  6. You know what Burbailey These are really lovely! Are you getting yourself one to wear over a shirt or something?


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