Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keep It Light & Warm -- Moncler Down Jacket

(Below)A Whimsical Goose Shows You How to Take Care
of Your Jacket ><
(Below) Excuse Me for the Sleepy Eyes... The Cold Weather
Makes me Drowsy - -!
(Below) Lanvin Boots 
(Below) I'm Wearing a Prova Rabbit Fur Hat with "BangBangs"

As a hopeless fashionisto, I believe that style overcomes cold weather. I would never succumbed to bulky and extra long down jackets no matter how excruciating the weather gets. And that's why I've never owned any long-johns in my life and the only long john I'll get in the future is probably for trying out one of those sexy casual look that wears a long johns as a pair of pants... and that is one difficult look to pull off... 

But I can make an exception for bulky down jackets that are so light, warm, colorful, durable, and stylish....that is Moncler. Or you could say that the cold weather finally broke me down... Now I just can't go out without my Moncler jacket. I normally just wear a t-shirt underneath it and I'm good to go. The jacket is made of French down fills and shiny durable nylon and its shiny colors has brighten up the usually grey and dull winter wears since its debut. 

Beside many considerate details in designs, my favorite is the invisible waistband. For most Moncler jackets, the waistbands are invisible from outside because they're attached to the lining, and leaving the  edge of the jacket draping naturally from the outside. That way, it prevents the wind from sneaking in and saves you from looking like a bucket. 

I got mine from during Christmas sale at 40% off.... and they are also available at following retailers:


  1. Ohh lovely jacket! I like it very much, also your boots are great! gotta love Lanvin!


  2. A warm looking jacket really.
    And so cute that shirt! ^___^

  3. Hi Dude,

    This Moncler down jacket looks so nice which keeps light warm and the man wears it so stylish. This is helpful for cold weather. This boot gives also new look to wear it. Thanks a lot....

  4. i rembmer seeing so many ppl queuing in front of moncler store in milan lol

  5. gotta love winter weather and all of its style options.

  6. Wow! Beautiful jackets, These jackets are so light, warm, colorful, durable and stylish which is Moncler. Now it is very populated for human being. Thanks....


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