Monday, November 29, 2010

Burberry Prorsum on -- Grey Melange Color Block Pullover from Summer 2010

Skeptical as I am, I often find myself fell into all kinds of sales traps. The classic "limited edition or limited time offer" is the one that breaks my purse strings again and again. Here's another trap that we're so sickly-happy to fell into: the most successful of all on-line sample sales site,

I've been a member since its founding and contributed my fair shares to its growth. It has become my lunch time ritual to check my email and to find out what designer brands are on sale. I got very excited whenever there is Jil Sander, Burberry Prorsum, Marni, or Band of Outsiders, just to name a few. These are among my favorite names that the site often carries. Limited stocks and limited time slot for shopping can really push your buy buttons until you smash your piggy bank into pieces.

The site is a great place for treasure hunting for past season pieces that you missed. But I have to say the price is not always "past season". Many of its collections can be found on my favorite on-line outlet store, and a bit cheaper too~~

I also like to browse their products for home and design. I've bought many gifts such as designer linens, porcelains, and toys. If you need ideas for gifting, go check out their very inclusive gift stocks!

These two pieces are actually from one of their blow-out sales for Burberry Prorsum. I was so thrilled that I was able to grab these two before anyone else. The grey melange shirt is perfect for the coming winter and the fitted long sleeve is great for working as a motorcycle glove. See, I told you. They do sometime have products worth the fuss! .... Oh, please don't get in my way when they stock Burberry Prorsum.... I get C-R-A-Z-Y ~~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dior Homme Napa Leather Duffle Bag -- Nappa Nappa So-pa Soft-a

This is the bag that got me through the whole Summer and now it's time for it to rest. Made of genuine napa calf leather, the bag feels as soft as your most intimate area (wherever that is). Effortless minimum design and the versatility makes it great for everyday use. The bag can be carried cross body or on shoulder as a messenger bag. But I prefer hang it on my shoulder and let the bag just reaches my upper torso (reaches the side of upper torso, or say, rib). Is there a name for that kind of bag? Anyway, it looks very relaxed and masculine, although many women's bags are carried this way.

I don't like heavy-duty bags for Summer. This is more of the toss 'n pick-up type (soft, but very durable since it's napa leather). I like the way it looks when it's not stuffed. It's like a big black fortune cookie (or wonton) that transforms its shape accordingly to your movements...

I've long lost interests in Dior Homme bags since the golden days of Hedi Slimane and I'm having a dry spell for its clothing line too. I still remember the thrill'n chill the first time I met the iconic Deville Bag.... ohh .... the good old days ~~

Fun fact: the napa leather a special sun tanned grain leather, a method originated at Napa, California. Yes, where the wines also come from :)

Another version of this bag is still available at

Monday, November 15, 2010

Converse + Commes Des Garcons + Missoni = Me Dancing Tip Tap Toe & Tripped out of Joy

I grew up never owning a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor and it's like never secretly smoked in your childhood. It's just not complete! I did pick up some cigaret butts on the floor and let myself get lost in the mysterious fume, in case you wonder. I've done some other pretty bad things too, but never bought a Converse. I guess street punk was never my thing and the thought of sweaty barefoot against rubber soles is just ~~!!

Now I've done many things that I swore I would never do, including wearing sneakers barefoot, why not getting a pair of Converse? How about three? I laid my eyes on these three particular styles a while ago. Converse with Commes Des Garcons Play and Converse with Missoni are two most successfully collaborations since the Converse with John Varvatos. Sustaining the street basketball spirits of Converse, these two collaboration brilliantly blend in the style of each brand, one with the signature red hart logo and one with the zigzag fabric.

The Converse plus Missoni for Fall 2010 is extremely rare and only available at I didn't get on-line quick enough to grab my size and the 7.5 that I got was a bit tight so I reluctantly sold it on eBay for a profit~~

I'm grateful that I'm still not too old to pull of street punk and now let's have some funky fun ~~

The Converse + Commes Des Garcons Chuck Taylor is available in these places: (Website that stocks both street and luxe brand names and ships to US)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Zippy Wallet -- Ohh The Monogram

As self-conscious, insecure, and skeptical as I am ------ eBay has only been a place to sell, not buy. While I was being shilly-shally as usual, many of my favorite goodies have passed me by. The Louis Vuitton Groom collection is one of my missing pieces that are used to weave my happily-ever-after dream. And now, I'm one step closer @_@

I've never owned anything from Louis Vuitton with their signature monogram. I actually hated the print because I was so overwhelmed by all the fake bags with this particular print that people are carrying. With years of "self-education", I learn to appreciate the rich history behind this monogram and the fine craftsmanship. I find it enlightening that this particular logo has been interpreted by so many cultures with various means, each with their own unique and sometimes distorted meanings:

It could a symbol of either luxury or mass production; it could be a symbol of rich or mediocre; it could also be a symbol of tasteful or vulgar... it really depends on the culture paradigm that you're involved with~~

I've been living in a self-imposed dilemma for years. I try to defend the consumerism involving luxury goods, but I can't help questioning the commercialism behind those larger than life price tags, especially when people criticize it as inane and frivolous. Some people saved up for months to buy a Louis Vuitton bag with the recognizable monogram logo and some people spend a couple hundreds more just to avoid the logo. With bags worth couple thousands, it's like carrying a car or even a house (in case of Hermes Birkin bag) that some people are in great need of.

So what exactly is inane and frivolous? The pursuit in luxury bag and clothes? What about people buying vacation houses and fancy cars? In my humble way, I think inane and frivolous is only a state of mind and it involves your attitudes towards your needs. People buy luxury for all kinds of reasons, some to confirm and show their wellbeing, some to boost confidence and impress others, and some are just out of the fondness of fine craftsmanships... none of reason is superior to any other...

In fear of getting deep with the topic of buying luxury and not able to finish it due to my limited writing skills, I decided to stop and just say: buy whatever you like and be openminded ~~

Monday, November 8, 2010

Andrew Garfield from for Band of Outsiders

Andrew Garfield's memorable performance in has made him officially into the stardom of hollywood. Though I personally find that his act in the movie a bit juvenile, but he's no doubt the one character that in the whole movie --- that is not obnoxious. I'm no expert in movie, but I do know that his photo shoots for Band of Outsiders Fall Winter 2010 captures very well the spirit of the brand, and maybe the characteristic of himself ...

Friday, November 5, 2010

BooYAH!! Band Of Outsiders Split Collar Sweater Fall Winter 2010 & Balenciaga Leather jacket

A 100% cashmere sweater with ivy-y emerald green (my newly developed favorite color) stripes and above all, classic leather woven buttons. The soft and premium cashmere keeps me warm and cozy while the split collar makes me feel creative. I have so many ways to mix 'n match with this particular style. ( Excuse me for the accidentally reveal of my @#$@%)

This particular style is only available at the Band of Outsiders official on-line shop and there's also another commonly seen version with navy and yellow strip but without the leather woven buttons.

The Balenciaga jacket is one of the many proudly and lucky purchases from, my dear place to get discounted Balenciaga. I vaguely remember that this jacket is from 2009 Spring Summer but somehow, I spotted an exactly one at the Jeffrey New York store while I was paying my routine visit to New York and it was retailed at full price at about $2800 among all the Fall Winter 2010 products. Hmm~~~ hope no one get ripped off !

The leather is without a doubt insanely soft that makes you wanna cry, out of joy. And if you heart Balenciaga as I do, you'll know that every bit of details of this jacket is Balenciaga.

Have you noticed that Band of Outsiders can be shortened as B O O

And also, I did that revealing on purpose`` BOOYAH ~~

Band of Outsiders stock lists:

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