Thursday, November 11, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Zippy Wallet -- Ohh The Monogram

As self-conscious, insecure, and skeptical as I am ------ eBay has only been a place to sell, not buy. While I was being shilly-shally as usual, many of my favorite goodies have passed me by. The Louis Vuitton Groom collection is one of my missing pieces that are used to weave my happily-ever-after dream. And now, I'm one step closer @_@

I've never owned anything from Louis Vuitton with their signature monogram. I actually hated the print because I was so overwhelmed by all the fake bags with this particular print that people are carrying. With years of "self-education", I learn to appreciate the rich history behind this monogram and the fine craftsmanship. I find it enlightening that this particular logo has been interpreted by so many cultures with various means, each with their own unique and sometimes distorted meanings:

It could a symbol of either luxury or mass production; it could be a symbol of rich or mediocre; it could also be a symbol of tasteful or vulgar... it really depends on the culture paradigm that you're involved with~~

I've been living in a self-imposed dilemma for years. I try to defend the consumerism involving luxury goods, but I can't help questioning the commercialism behind those larger than life price tags, especially when people criticize it as inane and frivolous. Some people saved up for months to buy a Louis Vuitton bag with the recognizable monogram logo and some people spend a couple hundreds more just to avoid the logo. With bags worth couple thousands, it's like carrying a car or even a house (in case of Hermes Birkin bag) that some people are in great need of.

So what exactly is inane and frivolous? The pursuit in luxury bag and clothes? What about people buying vacation houses and fancy cars? In my humble way, I think inane and frivolous is only a state of mind and it involves your attitudes towards your needs. People buy luxury for all kinds of reasons, some to confirm and show their wellbeing, some to boost confidence and impress others, and some are just out of the fondness of fine craftsmanships... none of reason is superior to any other...

In fear of getting deep with the topic of buying luxury and not able to finish it due to my limited writing skills, I decided to stop and just say: buy whatever you like and be openminded ~~


  1. Sorry I don't like the LV wallet I think because of that TinTin character thing~ :P
    I love the LV logo it's cute, but as you say: too many fake bags and I think it became a look for rich peeps. Or atleast trying to look like one..
    I rather buy a (designer)bag with more design, originalty in it than a bag that's famous of a print.

  2. I luv it!! The green is so punchy.

  3. I always thought the bellhop looks familiar and now I know~~ lol

    Thanks for all the comments !

  4. hey, i have the same one in orange. now i feel a step closer to you even without owning a bvlgari carbon watch arghhhhhhhhhhhhh, and we can be groom "buddy".

  5. I'm totally agree with you. Now i'm in the phase of saving a couple hundred dollars more to avoid logos. And I don't feel amazing, now theres this Fendi classico that loooks way better with logos. I don't know. I just can't agree with any. Logo or no logo. And maybe go with YSL. lol

    I love the way you state these things. Very straight forward. Very true!

    following your blog dear.

  6. He is adorable! And I like the kelly green inside.

    Love Grace.

  7. Matthew: u'r already my favorite with u'r cute comments. U should check out the watch since it's faily priced compare to other carbon models with all the precision techniques. This particular model has all the look: the carbon the white gold, but without other complexities that make it really espensive. ;)

  8. Love Vuitton!!!
    It's fantastic!!! :)
    Kisses, Carolina

  9. Hi Shane!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it made me smile!

    I absolutely agree with you: people should buy wheat they like, regardless of what the others might think!!


  10. damn wallet!
    I want it man!
    i like

  11. finally, someone addressed the basic concept of consumerism: needs. some people find luxury plain insane because they cant afford it! but to those that could, it's only the logical step (helloo, they have the money in the first place so no sweat).

    yep, that green looks mighty punchy!

  12. Yes, Dakota is one of the young promise for the movies and i dont know maybe for the TV, she is very multifacetic :)
    PD: the LV wallet its so original
    greetings from México :D

  13. Superb! Love this green combination :) x

  14. Have always been a big fan of LV, they always come out with cute prints on their classic monogram.

    People have their own preferences, so buy what you like!


  15. Great post! I've always loved to groom collection too. It's definitely one of my favorites. Congratulations on your zippy wallet. It's really stunning.


  16. Charming :-) I love the green surprise!

  17. u know a lot of people say - the monogram LV is cheap and not classic and expensive but i like it
    its fun and its durable (i know stuff at target is durable too - but who are we kidding? luxury gives us a high and makes us happy


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