Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Graduation -- Dior Homme Jacket with Prada Espadrilles Wingtips

(Below) A peek of my new Prada V Neck Shirt with Embroidery Patch.
(Below) What is it with this pair of shoes that photographs so well?

It's that time of year when newly graduates everywhere celebrating their ends of misery (probably begin or another if you're in business majors) by throwing their caps up into the air. This time last year, I missed my master graduation because I was so eager to get away from Ann Arbor, MI and to move to DC. I missed my only chance to see President Obama in person when he gave the speech at the commencement. And I didn't go to my undergraduate commencement either. But I was somehow invited to two graduation ceremonies last week and I attended both wearing the look above and feeling pretty good.  

A year has passed since my graduation. It's been a wonderful year because I did nothing but relaxing and traveling. It's been a horrible year because I did nothing but relaxing and traveling. It works either way and the feeling is rather complicated. For several intricate and frustrating reasons, I didn't work at all (not that I've worked seriously before). But I feel it's about time for me to start doing something, anything! I guess I'm one of the many unfortunate people who don't know how to enjoy the luxuries of idle time. I had a great time at both graduation and I even borrowed a cap from my friend and let them took a picture of me wearing it (I look terrible in it). For those who are graduating and already figured out your next move, I say BRAVO! For those still pondering and struggling, I recommend enjoying your time and taking it easy. Happy Graduation! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

It Only Hurts the First Time -- Christian Louboutin Pik Pik Flat

 (Below) The Wicked Red Sole That Killed Us All...
 (Below) No More Stepping On My Feet!

How hard I've been trying to restrain myself from the allure of Christian Louboutin was history now. Because I finally succumbed. Still bewitched by the sharp spikes and golden rivets, I present you the most sought-after flat of the season, the Christian Louboutin Pik Pik! With hours of waiting in front of the computer and refreshing the CL on-line shopping site, I was lucky to get the last one in my size. They were sold out in 25 minutes since its posting.

The Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes is truly a show stopping piece; so are its entourage including the glamourous Rollerball and the splendid Pik Pik. Never being a performer of any kind or even knowing one, I unwillingly convinced myself to stay away from sharp edges. But I guess it's the repetitive life that I'm stuck in right now or maybe some inner cosmos just got exploded, my needs for a feel of cold and sharp painfulness just couldn't contain anymore. The spikes ripped this suffocating cloth wide open and I can finally breath. Well, that was a bit dramatic but you see what I'm saying, right?

The Pik Pik is way over what I usually pay for shoes and I honestly can't think of any occasion to wear it. But the hell with it, I'll throw a party just so I can wear my Pik Pik!

You know what's horrible about Christian Louboutin Spikes? They got you addicted once you taste the fresh blood sipping from the soles. I just got the Louis in black Patent leather with spikes even without discussing it with the rational half of me.... - -! So sick & so happy...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's Spend Many Summers Together--Bottega Veneta Lagoon Nero Faded Vintage Calf Tote

(Below) She likes her new home :)

(Below) The on-line pictures better justify the effortless shape of this tote bag;
(Below) Carry it as a handbag or a shoulder bag by adjusting the handles.
The expandable overlays make it both stylish and practical! 

(Below) A Bottega Veneta Iconic Intrecciato Heavenly Sky Blue Wallet  
that has been with me for 3 years...and it's still outshines any other wallet!

Is it crazy to adore a bag so much that I can't stop thinking it months before its release? Or am I gone insane to actually miss the bag even though I know it's finally resting on my tiny closet shelf, safe and sound? Well you might have a cure for my insanity but I'd rather stay sick, holding my new Bottega Veneta bag!

I know I say this very often but it's truly love at first sight with this one. The mysteriously color of blue and green are what they call "lagoon". What a beautiful name! With the faded dark corners, it's like diving into a lagoon with a pin-hole camera: deeply drawn into this otherworldly beauty. The veins, did I mention the veins? The lagoon becomes even more vivid with the veins wandering all over. And the Intrecciato trim completes the bag with an iconic BV stamp! Like I'm committed to many other relationships with bags, I'll cherish this one forever.

If you're reading this and got all excited and maybe even emotional, then you've got a problem. If not, you've got a bigger problem because you're aesthetically impaired!!! Man!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Dress Up & Down ...

(Below) Having constant ShoeGasm with my Prada Espadrilles Wingtips ...

(Below) The Lovely Prints from Dries Van Noten
(Below) Neil Barrett Brooch that I Posted Here
Wearing Dries Van Noten Shirt with Club Monaco Vest

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince Gone Drifting --Mihara Yasuhiro Men's Fall 2011

Mihara Yasuhiro Men's Fall 2011

It's barely summer yet and I'm already drooling over basically every piece from Mihara Yasuhiro men's fall 2011 collection. I've been admiring the creativeness and the "openly quirkiness" of Japanese fashion design. But being as "conservative" as I am,  there's no way for me to put on a men's pleated skirt from Commes Des Garcons (desinger Rei Kawakubo) or Yohji Yamamoto's extra oversized black overall with extra long drapes. Did you know these two designers had a relationship way back in the 80's? Anyway, I've been mostly appreciating the avant-garde design of Japanese fashion until I get to know Mihara Yasuhiro.

The young designer rose to fame by making shoes. His innovative and modern edginess in shoe design landed him a collaboration deal with Puma. The men's clothing line was launched in 2004 after a greatly acclaimed presentation in Milan. His clothing lines are only available in Asia and Europe. Check out H.Lorenzo in LA and The Archive boutique in San francisco for limited availability.

As for the 2011 fall collection, I want to say that I'm so romantically touched by his subtle aesthetic. The draping details of an elegantly trimmed jacket adds some boyish playfulness to the well groomed Prince look. If the upper torso is still half restrained from all the royal doctrine, then the lower half has already won its freedom. Knee socks, leggings, and even sweat shorts; as if a Prince who is so fed up with the snobbish royal tradition and decided to run away from his castle to become a ragged drifter. The casually trimmed fur and the half-broken jewelry embellishments are just some of the remains of his royal past.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In The Spot Light -- Prada Espadrille Wingtips with Thick Micro & Rubber Sole

The moment that I saw this heavenly Prada Espadrilles walking down the runway, I knew that I have to have it. When the first shipment arrived, I did stop by the SOHO store to greet them. Because the limited color combinations available and being a "rational" shopper as I am, I decided to wait. So I left the store, and then the Prada Espadrilles of Summer 2011 extravaganza begun.

The shoe has been featured on every existing media out there. I remember seeing it several times a day just by checking my emails. Soon it was on the news of New York Magazine and the shoe has been sold out everywhere, around the globe...  I was devastated><

So I begin checking the Prada On-line Shopping Site regularly (several times a day) and hoping that there will be a new shipment or something. As far as I know, all Prada shoes are directly imported from Italy and the E-shop has its own inventory system. All of the styles were listed as "Available soon" and then one day, it quietly turn into "Buy". The soles of these espadrilles has been significantly reduced in hight when put into production and the women's version is "less damaged" as to men's. So I got a women's version in size 40 (I'm men's US size 9, and this style does run big). I assume the backlog has been somewhat cleared and there're actually several sizes that are still available here. Get one before it's completely gone!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Let it Hang -- Maison Martin Margiela T Shirt with Strap

(Below) Wearing ASOS Jeans with Balenciaga Sneaker

Spring means only one thing for me; the inevitable cleaning and reorganization of my never-big-enough closet. At the bottom of a very neatly folded (So what! I use one of those Flip Folds and I love it!) ex-love-shirts, I stumbled upon this MMM t-shirt from way back that I don't even remember owning it - -! I instantly fell in love with its superb quality of cotton and the simple but awesome strap detail, again. So I put away my Flip Folds (laugh all you want, we all know it's a great invention!) and took these photos. This is why I never throw out any of my clothes, because you never know what your "flirtatious" taste might want. So dig deep into your closet and find the shirt that once you promised that you'll love him/her forever, or at least for that season...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gentlemen's Espadrilles -- Phillip Lim Leather Espadrilles from Spring 2011

My First Ever Espadrilles
(Below) Finally, a show box that I don't wanna throw away
because it's beautiful and functional.
(Below) Wearing Band of Outsiders Shorts
& Dries Van Noten Shirt

(Below) Dries Van Noten Fall 2010

On a recent trip to New York,  I tried on this espadrilles at the Phillip Lim store at SOHO and instantly fell in love with it. While I was getting bored with the mediocre spring cloths and disappointed by the spare men's collection, I spotted this espadrilles lying innocently on the display table. Believe or not, I was going to make fun of its odd shape and the fact that it is...em....well.... an espadrilles. 

As an ethnic minority, I somehow developed a dislike for clothes that are too ethnic. My style, if I have any, has been more of urbanized preppy. Among all the colorful and bold prints, I thought espadrilles are "too ethnic" for a "city mouse" >< But my friend insisted that I should try it on since he's more of a "country mouse".

Well, you never know! I'm not sure if it's the buttery soft leather or the plaited rope sole, but my feet has never been this comfortable. I just couldn't hide my fondness for the shoe and with "deliberation", I decided to get it when it's still available. The city mouse couldn't be more embarrassed for his pragmatic opinion about espadrilles... so are you a city mouse or a country mouse? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Camouflage That You'll Never Miss -- Prada Classic Briefcase Camouflage-Printed Saffiano Leather

I love camouflage! I love its quiet subtleness hiding behind this seemingly chaotic of shapes and colors. I love its military influence, with a hint of street-ness, and now, a twist of high-end luxury. The take on camouflage by Prada is very satisfying. Preserving the edginess of camouflage, the texture of their classic  Saffiano leather gives camouflage an upgrade that is long overdue.

The detachable shoulder strap, also in printed Saffiano leather, and the many credit slots and a portfolio document holder makes it stylish and functional. How could I resist? .....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weaponized--Phillip Lim Spiked Berry Wristlet and Caramel Colored Leather Backpack 2011

Sharp spikes! Carry with caution.

(Below) I missed all the spiky fun with Christian Louboutin
And finally, I got myself sharply equipped ><
(Below) Meet Mr. Glass-is-half-full!
And I'm serious thinking about going back to school because of him.
(Below) An afternoon sunbath is good for the skin...

(Below) I love everything in Caramel!
Wearing Lanvin Trainers and Topshop Low Clutch Jeans

"Street punk" is so very in trend. From all the spiky sneakers of Christina Louboutin to the studded biker jackets of Burberry Prorsum, everyone is sharpening their shiny spikes for the coming fashion riots. As much as I enjoy the punk influence and the occasionally S&M implication, I just don't think I can pull of anything with sharp edges.

However, I'm having a fatigue of my "well-trimmed and clean" look of myself (did I just say that - -!) So I got myself this Phillip Lim spiked Berry Wristlet, actually for women, to spice things up. I haven't carry it out in the public since I got it, but I do enjoy the "pain" whenever I play it alone with my hands. (You're sick ....><) Anyway, the clutch comes in many colors: black with black spikes, grey with silver, brown with silver, purple with silver, are some I've seen. If you're looking for something to accentuate your outfit as well as a weapon in case of emergency, this the one! They're sold out at most places and only a few available at

Oh, and the backpack? A treat for the inner schoolboy of mine that craves everything in caramel!
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