Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince Gone Drifting --Mihara Yasuhiro Men's Fall 2011

Mihara Yasuhiro Men's Fall 2011

It's barely summer yet and I'm already drooling over basically every piece from Mihara Yasuhiro men's fall 2011 collection. I've been admiring the creativeness and the "openly quirkiness" of Japanese fashion design. But being as "conservative" as I am,  there's no way for me to put on a men's pleated skirt from Commes Des Garcons (desinger Rei Kawakubo) or Yohji Yamamoto's extra oversized black overall with extra long drapes. Did you know these two designers had a relationship way back in the 80's? Anyway, I've been mostly appreciating the avant-garde design of Japanese fashion until I get to know Mihara Yasuhiro.

The young designer rose to fame by making shoes. His innovative and modern edginess in shoe design landed him a collaboration deal with Puma. The men's clothing line was launched in 2004 after a greatly acclaimed presentation in Milan. His clothing lines are only available in Asia and Europe. Check out H.Lorenzo in LA and The Archive boutique in San francisco for limited availability.

As for the 2011 fall collection, I want to say that I'm so romantically touched by his subtle aesthetic. The draping details of an elegantly trimmed jacket adds some boyish playfulness to the well groomed Prince look. If the upper torso is still half restrained from all the royal doctrine, then the lower half has already won its freedom. Knee socks, leggings, and even sweat shorts; as if a Prince who is so fed up with the snobbish royal tradition and decided to run away from his castle to become a ragged drifter. The casually trimmed fur and the half-broken jewelry embellishments are just some of the remains of his royal past.


  1. Mihara is one of my favorites. I think his aesthetic resonates with people of my generation. His line with Puma is one of the best sneaker collections out there. Nice post Shane.


  2. Great collection..I think I need that black blazer with the jewelry...beautiful!

    The Black Label

  3. It's my favourite collection too! Love Mihara:-P


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