Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In The Spot Light -- Prada Espadrille Wingtips with Thick Micro & Rubber Sole

The moment that I saw this heavenly Prada Espadrilles walking down the runway, I knew that I have to have it. When the first shipment arrived, I did stop by the SOHO store to greet them. Because the limited color combinations available and being a "rational" shopper as I am, I decided to wait. So I left the store, and then the Prada Espadrilles of Summer 2011 extravaganza begun.

The shoe has been featured on every existing media out there. I remember seeing it several times a day just by checking my emails. Soon it was on the news of New York Magazine and the shoe has been sold out everywhere, around the globe...  I was devastated><

So I begin checking the Prada On-line Shopping Site regularly (several times a day) and hoping that there will be a new shipment or something. As far as I know, all Prada shoes are directly imported from Italy and the E-shop has its own inventory system. All of the styles were listed as "Available soon" and then one day, it quietly turn into "Buy". The soles of these espadrilles has been significantly reduced in hight when put into production and the women's version is "less damaged" as to men's. So I got a women's version in size 40 (I'm men's US size 9, and this style does run big). I assume the backlog has been somewhat cleared and there're actually several sizes that are still available here. Get one before it's completely gone!


  1. wow, lucky you!!!! yeah i was kinda disappointed at the men's version that went on the sale floor. but it looks neat on ya! how does it fair walking? i hear they were pretty hard to walk on, at least the runway version.

  2. i love this shoes, but they are so expensive!

    when you no longer want it, i buy it from you

  3. Congrats! Does the women's size 40 fit you well? I am also a US9 and I'm worried it will be too small!??

  4. WOW! NICE PICK! Their are also on my wish list :)
    Love Phillip Lims too (from your post before)

    nice taste on shoes man :)


  5. Hey Nico: I haven't been wearing it for long but it feels okay for me. But I do have a generous tolerance for uncomfortable shoes :)

  6. Shoe envy is an understatement, LOVE those shoes!

  7. great purchase and post Shane! I'll be looking for the black ones are available :)

  8. Excellent choice! the thicker soles on the womens version is so much more interesting:-P The orange colour adds more visual punch! Love it! Too bad, we cannot get it online from Sg, I'd buy it!

  9. HOLY!
    they're amazing, i really want them in my life.

    zebra and meerkat shop

  10. Great shoes.
    I love them to death too.

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  12. These looks great! I just picked up the non-wingtip versions


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