Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bvlgari Carbon Gold -- Celebration of Bvlgari's 125th Anniversary

Long-Lost Friend -- Bvlgari Carbon Gold Watch

While enjoying my thrilling moment of reunion with my long-last watch, I'm still pretty stumbled by the fact that it took me two months to purchase this watch. I've be longing for a watch with a small dial plate that fits my wrist and it has to be both stylish and fine-crafted. I finally found one at Bvlgari, my all time favorite jewelry store. I don't even count as a rooky in buying watches, but I knew I had to get it. I went to the store the same day I saw the catalog. To save on sales tax, I chose to do the mail order. The package arrived almost three days late and when I finally got the package, it was all damaged with crappy tape all over the box, not the kind of tape with Bvlagari print on it. I anxiously opened the box and to my all time biggest shock, the watch was gone, only the case was there. The package must have been opened during shipping. I immediately called the store and they said the package was insured so I didn't need to worry a thing. The store also told me to file a claim with UPS, which I did. After filing the claim, I went through a extremely frustrating waiting and calling. The UPS refused to reveal any information because they only deal with the shippers, the Bvlgari store. The store, however, kept telling me to wait or to call UPS myself. After TWO MONTH of waiting and making phone calls with mind-numbingly stupid Bvlgari store manager, still nothing. So I researched and researched and I found out that when the claim is finalized, the UPS is going to send a reimbursement check to the shipper Bvlgari, which is opposite to what I was told by Bvlagri. I waited and waited, and waited for nothing. I was so pissed off by the moron store manager so I contacted the NYC headquarter and with helps from several customer service representatives, the store manager finally faxed all the documents UPS needed to finalize the claim. After two month of struggling, I finally received my new watch. The whole process usually only take 10 days, and somehow with the an INEFFICIENT AND STUPID store manager, it took me TWO MONTH. I can't even recall how many times when I called the store manager and was told that she was either on vacation or in meeting or no where to find. I can't say that I am not disappointed by the poor customer service from Bvlgari. AND FROM NOW ON, I OFFICIALLY HATE UPS! Careless carrier ever!

I can go on and on complaining, but I decided to celebrate my reunion with my long-last watch. The carbon gold features a black dial and a strap in calf leather with a carbon buckle and a stainless steel ardillon. This special edition watch was created to celebrate BVLGARI's 125th anniversary. The dial was made of 18k white gold and carbon, which is perfect combination for stylish watches. This limited collection is embodied with a number on each watch. With a price many times cheaper than their regular collection pieces, this is definitely a must-buy. Did I mention that it is Chronograph, which is totally useless but extremely cool ...

To purchase online while stock available, visit bvlagri


  1. UPS sucks!

    I am happy for you that you got your watch at least.

    My experiences with UPS,DHL or Fedex was never good all the time. I prefer EMS actually but i understand that most stores don't use them.

  2. cool watch!!
    love it... wish i had one :)

  3. ego: then u should grab one while it's still in stock. It's quite inexpensive compare to other Bvlgari Watches, I mean it.


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