Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chanel 09 S/s Valentine

Chanel 2.55 Valentine Flap in Baby Blue

After so many phone calls with several mind-numbingly stupid SAs, I finally found this bag for my friend. It also comes in pink coral, black, and off-white. The pink ones were already sold out and this baby blue is the last one they had. Lucky me and Rock Chic Ting! I always take Chanel as the brand that associates with the most elegant femininity and it should be always exclusive for women. I was a bit uncomfortable when I first noticed those awkward homme pieces with Chanel logo on it. I haven't seen any guy wearing them. The history, the Double-C logo, the mademoiselle closure, and the quilted leather; everything's been so deeply rooted with juicy femininity. Anyway, this bag, extremely feminine, will never look fine on any guy...

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