Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chanel 09/10 Cruise Collection Plus Paris Shanghai Exclusive Pieces

A01112-Y01480-94058 $2,695

A48103-Y06268-M6817 $2,855

A47962-Y06287-94305 $2,375


Chanel cruise 2009/10 has arrived, as always, with a breeze of elegance. But disappointingly, nothing is real outstanding except those made of alligators and pythons that with "outstanding" prices. I'm liking the one with pepper & salt tweed. It's perfect for the season and very easy to match with outfits. Another exciting-while-disappointing event is that Chanel is opening a new boutique at Shanghai and to celebrate the gran-opening on Dec 3rd, rather disappointing exclusive items are going to be sold at the new boutique. Except the red color, I really don't see they are making any effort in making these items exclusive representing Shanghai, a city of rich history and juicy fashion elements. Shanghai is the Paris of China, but clearly not to Parisians.

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