Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Graduation -- Dior Homme Jacket with Prada Espadrilles Wingtips

(Below) A peek of my new Prada V Neck Shirt with Embroidery Patch.
(Below) What is it with this pair of shoes that photographs so well?

It's that time of year when newly graduates everywhere celebrating their ends of misery (probably begin or another if you're in business majors) by throwing their caps up into the air. This time last year, I missed my master graduation because I was so eager to get away from Ann Arbor, MI and to move to DC. I missed my only chance to see President Obama in person when he gave the speech at the commencement. And I didn't go to my undergraduate commencement either. But I was somehow invited to two graduation ceremonies last week and I attended both wearing the look above and feeling pretty good.  

A year has passed since my graduation. It's been a wonderful year because I did nothing but relaxing and traveling. It's been a horrible year because I did nothing but relaxing and traveling. It works either way and the feeling is rather complicated. For several intricate and frustrating reasons, I didn't work at all (not that I've worked seriously before). But I feel it's about time for me to start doing something, anything! I guess I'm one of the many unfortunate people who don't know how to enjoy the luxuries of idle time. I had a great time at both graduation and I even borrowed a cap from my friend and let them took a picture of me wearing it (I look terrible in it). For those who are graduating and already figured out your next move, I say BRAVO! For those still pondering and struggling, I recommend enjoying your time and taking it easy. Happy Graduation! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

It Only Hurts the First Time -- Christian Louboutin Pik Pik Flat

 (Below) The Wicked Red Sole That Killed Us All...
 (Below) No More Stepping On My Feet!

How hard I've been trying to restrain myself from the allure of Christian Louboutin was history now. Because I finally succumbed. Still bewitched by the sharp spikes and golden rivets, I present you the most sought-after flat of the season, the Christian Louboutin Pik Pik! With hours of waiting in front of the computer and refreshing the CL on-line shopping site, I was lucky to get the last one in my size. They were sold out in 25 minutes since its posting.

The Christian Louboutin Louis Spikes is truly a show stopping piece; so are its entourage including the glamourous Rollerball and the splendid Pik Pik. Never being a performer of any kind or even knowing one, I unwillingly convinced myself to stay away from sharp edges. But I guess it's the repetitive life that I'm stuck in right now or maybe some inner cosmos just got exploded, my needs for a feel of cold and sharp painfulness just couldn't contain anymore. The spikes ripped this suffocating cloth wide open and I can finally breath. Well, that was a bit dramatic but you see what I'm saying, right?

The Pik Pik is way over what I usually pay for shoes and I honestly can't think of any occasion to wear it. But the hell with it, I'll throw a party just so I can wear my Pik Pik!

You know what's horrible about Christian Louboutin Spikes? They got you addicted once you taste the fresh blood sipping from the soles. I just got the Louis in black Patent leather with spikes even without discussing it with the rational half of me.... - -! So sick & so happy...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's Spend Many Summers Together--Bottega Veneta Lagoon Nero Faded Vintage Calf Tote

(Below) She likes her new home :)

(Below) The on-line pictures better justify the effortless shape of this tote bag;
(Below) Carry it as a handbag or a shoulder bag by adjusting the handles.
The expandable overlays make it both stylish and practical! 

(Below) A Bottega Veneta Iconic Intrecciato Heavenly Sky Blue Wallet  
that has been with me for 3 years...and it's still outshines any other wallet!

Is it crazy to adore a bag so much that I can't stop thinking it months before its release? Or am I gone insane to actually miss the bag even though I know it's finally resting on my tiny closet shelf, safe and sound? Well you might have a cure for my insanity but I'd rather stay sick, holding my new Bottega Veneta bag!

I know I say this very often but it's truly love at first sight with this one. The mysteriously color of blue and green are what they call "lagoon". What a beautiful name! With the faded dark corners, it's like diving into a lagoon with a pin-hole camera: deeply drawn into this otherworldly beauty. The veins, did I mention the veins? The lagoon becomes even more vivid with the veins wandering all over. And the Intrecciato trim completes the bag with an iconic BV stamp! Like I'm committed to many other relationships with bags, I'll cherish this one forever.

If you're reading this and got all excited and maybe even emotional, then you've got a problem. If not, you've got a bigger problem because you're aesthetically impaired!!! Man!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Dress Up & Down ...

(Below) Having constant ShoeGasm with my Prada Espadrilles Wingtips ...

(Below) The Lovely Prints from Dries Van Noten
(Below) Neil Barrett Brooch that I Posted Here
Wearing Dries Van Noten Shirt with Club Monaco Vest

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