Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Graduation -- Dior Homme Jacket with Prada Espadrilles Wingtips

(Below) A peek of my new Prada V Neck Shirt with Embroidery Patch.
(Below) What is it with this pair of shoes that photographs so well?

It's that time of year when newly graduates everywhere celebrating their ends of misery (probably begin or another if you're in business majors) by throwing their caps up into the air. This time last year, I missed my master graduation because I was so eager to get away from Ann Arbor, MI and to move to DC. I missed my only chance to see President Obama in person when he gave the speech at the commencement. And I didn't go to my undergraduate commencement either. But I was somehow invited to two graduation ceremonies last week and I attended both wearing the look above and feeling pretty good.  

A year has passed since my graduation. It's been a wonderful year because I did nothing but relaxing and traveling. It's been a horrible year because I did nothing but relaxing and traveling. It works either way and the feeling is rather complicated. For several intricate and frustrating reasons, I didn't work at all (not that I've worked seriously before). But I feel it's about time for me to start doing something, anything! I guess I'm one of the many unfortunate people who don't know how to enjoy the luxuries of idle time. I had a great time at both graduation and I even borrowed a cap from my friend and let them took a picture of me wearing it (I look terrible in it). For those who are graduating and already figured out your next move, I say BRAVO! For those still pondering and struggling, I recommend enjoying your time and taking it easy. Happy Graduation! 


  1. Good Outfit! I love youre Shoes!

  2. Great look...the shoes are awesome!! Damn I want them haha

    The Black Label

  3. Nice....its good that you are putting your Prada shoes to full use...

  4. Shane,

    I love the simplicity, yet subtle details of your looks. The color of the jacket and pants seems perfect for every occasion, and the fit looks tailor made! Are both the jacket and pants Dior Homme?

    And I'm secretly snatching your Prada espadrilles one day haha, jk.

    I've moved to DC in October of last year for school. I live about 5 minutes from the White House. This is probably one of the best choices I ever made in my short life. I wish you all the best.


  5. You bought the women's, right? I want to stick with the Mens but wanted to know if you think I should size down or not? I'm dont know much about the fit.

  6. i believe that you should take your own pace in finding a job after grad. it works differently with each individual. i hate it when my relatives push me to get a job immediately. anyway, i'm more keen about your pants. are they blue or black? they fit you really well.

  7. Did you size down for your Pradas? If so, how much?

  8. Anonymous: Mine is a women's version and it's size 41 ( a women's 42 would be perfect for US Men's 9) Prada shoes usually run big and I recommend one size down. I usually buy US8 and I'm actually US9 :)

  9. KC: The pants are from ASOS. I love buying ASOS pants because they have the short version available for each style and the fit is always flattering:)


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