Monday, August 31, 2009

Modeling for Stacked Bracelets Maniac

Hermes Hapi 3 MM
Retailed at $270

I've seen men wearing necklaces, studs, and all kinds of piercings. I've got several necklaces and studs, but I always find the bracelets are the most practical accessories that one can easily put on and look good. Wearing only one is far from enough. Wearing several of them and make them look like a cuff is more fun and creative. One thing to keep in mind is that all the bracelets have to be in some kind of consistency and organized in certain order. From bottom to top, I have Dior Homme buckle style, another Dior Homme plastic cuff, Burberry Studded leather Bracelet, and Bvlgari. The rule of thumb is to stick with same or similar color and to find one that accentuate the whole idea. Mine is the Bvlgari.

An easier way is to buy a wrapped around style bracelet that will help you do the work! The Hermes Hapi 3 MM shown at the top has been on my drooping list for a long time.

To buy Hermes Hapi 3 MM pic: click here

Modeling for HnM "I Can't Believe It's Not Leather" Jacket

HnM Polyester Jacket
Retailed for about $30

I rarely shop at HnM because most of the time, the material they use is not good enough to keep my super sensitive skin from getting allergies, though the style is chic and high-end. But I love browsing at HnM since every now and then, I can find avant-garde constructed ,comfortable, and affordable garment. The buttery-leather-like jacket is actually 100% polyester. It's shiny in a very low-key way.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Modeling for Phillip Lim Boy-Cut Jacket

3.1 Phillip Lim Boy-Cut Jacket in Taupe & Black

Slender slender slender slim slim slim seem to be the only way to look fashionable. For those who just can't fit into tapered smoke pants, all the tops and accessories just don't seem to be working at all. A pair of stick-thin legging-like pants is somehow essential for all other looks. Finally a designer has made saggy and comfortable back to season. There are a lot Harem pants and droopy jackets in his line and not those pretentious sizists who normally do. Everyone can pull into those pieces and stays comfortable!
The only problem I have is that I am sometimes too small even for his smallest sizes and wearing someone else's jacket is totally different than wearing loosely. The boy-cut jacket is very well tailored and the texture is just soft. The color combination of black and gray makes it quiet and low key, even-though double-breasted jackets are sometime too loud. For the coming season, they have similar style jackets and even coats. I am very much liking the leather coat shown below and I hope that I will fit into a 38.

Phillip Lim F/W 09

Modeling for Jil Sander Color Block Shirt

Jil Sander Color Block Shirt SS09

My Version with Pink & Navy

The Version at Oki-Ni
On Sale for about $218.5

It is tough for minimalist to come through in this a bit fancy and overdressed fashion world. It is even tougher to play just with the minimum structures and colors for every season and still surprise everyone. Jil Sander is without question among the top minimalist. For the spring summer men's collection, she played with simple shapes such as square, rectangular and triangle and made the most out of the least. I've been drooling over this simple shirt for a long time. I first fell in love with the version on runway, the one with yellow and off-white color block. But when I hit the sore, I found my version of pink and navy that is more of my style.

Jil Sander's collaboration with Top Shop will be available on Oct. 1st. I've seen some looks from this collection and they look gorgeous. But I have to doubt that they look high-end and expensive mostly because the modelings wearing them and the photographers shooting them. I hate to admit that with advanced technology and super models, a poor tailored and poor material coat can look Jil Sander on pictures. I wish when the collection's finally arrived, they will look as good as they pictured, or at least no big disappointment.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drooling Over Band of Outsiders BOY BOY COAT

HAND TAILORED Wool Toggle Coat
Retail: $1800
GQ August Issue 09
It is back-to-school time again and all I ever need is a coat and a hoody! I've been drooling over these two shown above from the preppy and yuppie Band of Outsiders. But neither a preppy nor a yuppie can easily loose the wallet string for a coat priced at $1800. HAND TAILORED is not BESPOKE and it still can cost your one month rent. I do have an obsession with hooded things and I do have another obsession with toggled buttons. You know what? I have a third obsession with Beige! Therefore, the camel toggled hooded coat is definitely my dream piece! Drooling Drooling in SL0W M0TI0N...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 09



Animal Thing-y

& Animal Thing-y-2


I personally find Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort collection is the line that shows the most of Marc Jacobs among his several lines. The resort combines wear-ability, affordability, and surprisingly fashionable-ity. Can someone help me with my poor English? This collection is creative, bold, and FUN FUN FUN, just like Marc Jacobs. The brand named Comme Des Garcons is perfect for describing this Giant-Baby-King of fashion, just like a boy. Playing with animal-thing-y is one of Marc Jacobs forte. The camouflage long johns is just fun to wear and all those animal shaped pins and brooches can so easily conquer all the fashionita and fashionisto.

The multi-colored-and-textured blocked sweater is a must-buy and I just can't wait to call the store and see if they have received it yet? The material used for this sweater looks warm and soft. I hope it's gonna be cashmere, and definitely not mohair. Mohair looks good but feels terrible!

All pics and info from

Kris Van Assche on FORWARD by REVOLVE

Contraste Sneakers in Off-White $648

Panneau Sneaker in Off-White $594

The beloved Forward by Revolve has been boldly carrying upcoming and promising designer names. The coming of Kris Van Assche and Yohji Yamamoto made it absolutely one-of-a-kind online shopping experience. Though not very affectionate with K.V.A for Dior Homme, his own line seems to be more accurate in expressing his talent.

I've been struggling with these two futuristic warrior sneakers shown above. The Panneau seems to be more wearable, but the extended suede flap of Contraste is simply just COOL! Hmm... Can I get both?...

P.S. The Panneau reminds me of Balenciaga :)

Picture from

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balenciaga & Bubrberry Prorsum at the RENOWNED Lane Crawford

Balenciaga Leather Boots With Laser Cut Patch Detail
HK$7,600 & Ankle Extension Piece HK$2,600

Brushed Leather Briefcase HK$14,000

Cashmere Cable Knit Scart HK$3,100

The renowned Lane Crawford is no doubt the flagship of high-end fashion in Asia. The combine with Joyce Group made Lane Crawford's future even brighter. I have been to almost all Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland area and I specially adore the one at Beijing. It has the most inclusive brand names for both men and women. Their collection of Balenciaga, Lanvin, and MMMargiela have always been my favorites.

The laser cut style boots is so futuristic and chic! Blogger In My Paradigm was drooling over this boots and he's been trying to find the one made of black leather, instead of suede, which is the version sold in the States. I've seen and touched this leather boots at Lane Crawford and it s amazingly constructed. But you have to very skinny tapered pants to go with this boots.

The brushed leather gray briefcase is exquisite. I always thought the famous arena style of Balenciaga is not masculine enough for men and finally, the ones for boys came out. Either the briefcase or the duffel will look great on men.

The red duffel bag shown below is retail for $2495
I prefer the gray color with the duffel style and I wonder if they have it :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wrapped Arround Maniac

Dior Homme Open-Knit Tube Scarf $145

Dior Homme Cotton Tube Scarf F/W08

The cotton tube scarf goes with almost every outfit. The only complain I have for these two Dior scarves is that the material is not that satisfying. It does look good but does not feel good. Below are the wrap-around scarves that stand out this season. I especially adore the mink fur snood with cashmere camel check lining. But I am not sure that if it will look good on a guy.
Burberry Fur Snood $1295

Burberry Check Snood

Drooling List Over Dior Homme A/W09

1. Quilted Sport Jacket with Hood

2. Zip Funnel Neck Poplin Shirt

3. Zipped Leather Iphone Case
No. VEYC2709

4. Leather Duffel Bag

The poplin shirt is no doubt one of the statement piece of this season. I've been struggling between black, gray, and white for this shirt. The small duffel bag is definitely a must-have. The adjustable cotton strap can make this bag into a satchel, messenger, and even a somewhat hobo. The shut down of E-Luxury made it impossible to purchase or even review the collection of Dior Homme. I was surprised when i found out that the statement logo of this collection, a triangle, was an inspiration from the classic cassette player.
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