Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balenciaga & Bubrberry Prorsum at the RENOWNED Lane Crawford

Balenciaga Leather Boots With Laser Cut Patch Detail
HK$7,600 & Ankle Extension Piece HK$2,600

Brushed Leather Briefcase HK$14,000

Cashmere Cable Knit Scart HK$3,100

The renowned Lane Crawford is no doubt the flagship of high-end fashion in Asia. The combine with Joyce Group made Lane Crawford's future even brighter. I have been to almost all Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland area and I specially adore the one at Beijing. It has the most inclusive brand names for both men and women. Their collection of Balenciaga, Lanvin, and MMMargiela have always been my favorites.

The laser cut style boots is so futuristic and chic! Blogger In My Paradigm was drooling over this boots and he's been trying to find the one made of black leather, instead of suede, which is the version sold in the States. I've seen and touched this leather boots at Lane Crawford and it s amazingly constructed. But you have to very skinny tapered pants to go with this boots.

The brushed leather gray briefcase is exquisite. I always thought the famous arena style of Balenciaga is not masculine enough for men and finally, the ones for boys came out. Either the briefcase or the duffel will look great on men.

The red duffel bag shown below is retail for $2495
I prefer the gray color with the duffel style and I wonder if they have it :)



  1. It was at the Lane Crawford at Beijing:)

  2. can u tell me where u find the pictures from?


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