Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hermes Remedies -- Crave 4 Temps & Click H Narrow Bracelet

My Hermes fever has got all time high lately. The craving for more orange little boxes since my my first big one for the Steve Messenger Bag has gone out of control. I finally found some remedies that can alleviate my craving without braking my bank -- again~~

The first beautiful encounter on the Hermes website was this 100% silk knit, contemporary, versatile tie. It's called Crave 4 Temps. It's got four of my many favorite colors: navy, orange, taupe, and chestnut. It's got the perfect style and exquisite texture. How can I resist something with my name engraved on it? ~~ The tie can be flipped over for any of the four colors to match your mood, and your shirt~~

The second affair was with this long-overdue wish list for an Hermes Clic H bracelet. Like many other products from Hermes, to choose from so many color options is a dreadful process. To save me from the shilly-shally, I went with Black, a color can never go wrong.

I hope that I'm good until Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Maybe Halloween, which is today @^$#^^^#%$

If you're seriously sick like me, these two remedies are available at

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Pictures from Stella McCartney Kids Collection

More pictures from the most anticipated Stella McCartney Kids Collection that will be available on-line at

I'm getting this "Lee" jacket for my Baby Tiger and hopefully myself~~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stella McCartney Launching Her Own Kids Line--Not for GAP

After a smashing success collaborating with Gap Kids, Stella McCartney is launching her own kids collection. I still remember how disappointed I was when I found out that as slender as I am, I still couldn't fit into the signature military coat from last collection of SC for Gap Kids. Also, how I finally made my peace because I got Xiao Hu ("Baby tiger" in Chinese) wearing the jacket (First Picture, isn't he cute?)

I'm hoping for extra fine material for the kids collection since now it's under Stella McCartney's own name and maybe even some organic materials as environment-concerned as She is. The whole kids lines is surprisingly very reasonable priced: only from $25 for shirts to $194 for coats, even without the Gap name tagged alone.

I'm definitely getting the cute jacket with shawl collar shown in the first picture for Xiao Hu. How i wish for a plus size that I can fit into and me and Xiao Hu could wear matching outfits for the first time.

For gals that are extra small, you should definitely grab one as soon as they hit the store since sizing is not really a problem.

To avoid the embarrassment of trying to fit into kid's outfits, the collection will be available here on line:


Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Captain! --Balmain F/W 2010 Military Insignia Wool Pea Coat with Golden Crested Button

I've been having mixed feelings about Balmain Homme. I resent its larger than life price tags that almost as expensive as for haute couture even though it's only ready to wear. However, I do yearn for all the military uniform-y fun that it brings to us. Like most of us expected, the fever for ripped T-shirts and embellished jackets from Balmain is only an affair, not a committed relationship. We're so unsettled with fashion that the we constantly look for new excitement to make our hearts tremble. The 2011 Spring Summer Balmain show was definitely not as arousing as it use to be. It's hard to be faithful when there are so many new choices every season~~

I've been holding my pocket string string firmly for Balmain until I saw this wool pea coat from fall/winter 2010 collection. The iconic Balmain shape, the golden crested buttons, and the simple military insignia on each sleeve finally got me spelled. I'm still working on pulling it off with my own twist and here's what I've got so far. Any suggestions?

I'm wearing a Zara blue strip T-shirt underneath, which ironically happen to one of the many replicas of Balmain. The Zara T-shirt is retailed for $49 and the Balmain one is for $549 or something like that. What a business~~

Balmain stocklists:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I Want Under the Tree - Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag

I've been coveting for the Sophia Coppola bag from Louis Vuitton for very long and I actually tried carrying it once. Despite my heartfelt love to its sleek shape, the buttery leather, and the cozy suede, it's too feminine for a guy to pull off. The biggest problem is the belt that is too short to carry on. You can't carry it cross-body nor on shoulder since the bag will hang right above your waist and that's girly ~ ~

The SC bag has been a huge success and with the holiday season that can't get here quick enough, those additions to the SC family will be flying off the shelf as soon as they hit the stores. The one made of crocodile leather is no doubt a beauty to die for, but the price tag will also be suicidal. The best bet would be one with Grey suede.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Begin of Another Journey -- Hermes Steve Messenger Bag

Life is truly a journey ---- of choices: decisions made up and shaped up the life we live in. I've been thankful that most of my decisions, accidentally or purposely made, have been working very well for me.

Being stuck in a life-alternating-and-evolving process of making decisions for too damn long, I finally decided on one thing that I'm mostly certain of, my life-long obsession with those frivolous but splendid fine luxuries. I finally crossed off one-thing from my make-up-your-freaking-mind list and here comes my first Hermes bag, the brutally cool Steve Messenger bag.

Making decision on which color is even more stressful than deciding to buy, though I have been secretly enjoying this happily-ever-after torture. After months of deliberating and excessive bothering the Sales Associate name Keith at Hermes, I made my decision on a carelessly visit to the store. Isn't that most of the time that how decisions are made: after all the rationalities, you just have to rely on some instinct or impulse or whatever that clicked for you.

Decisions are not made to regret, and I'm gracious to say that at least I made the right decision on this one. The bag is as versatile as a bag could ever be with inside compartments and padded pocket and every other neat little thing. You thought the bag would be very low-key and unrecognizable with its ultra simple shape and design, but no Hermes can pass without notice. The thick but very light TOGO leather with the finest grains, plus the signature gold color, makes it a combination of quiet and loud, which is the ultimate status that I'm in life-long pursue.

With so many bad decisions ahead to make, I thank whoever is up there to grand me this bag to help me pass through. Make up my mind, I'll have this bag with me for whatever that is coming. What is even better? Life as a tale ~~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burberry Prorsum's New BFF: Won Bin; 元彬; 원빈; at 15Th Pusan Int'l Film Festival

Won Bin Wearing Burberry Prorsum 2011 Ss

Won Bin's been wearing exclusively Burberry Prorsum for various occasion involving his new film titled (Uncle in Korean) or showing at the Pusan International Film Festival. The double breasted jacket and the button embellished sweater are from the current Fall-Winter collection and are both really hard to pull off. I've been in desperate searching for the sweater but no where to find. And the jacket, I happen to get the only 34 in U.S at Barneys New York. Can't wait the weather to cool down ~~

The leather jacket, which finally looks fit on him, is actually from the Ss 2011 collection. I only dream to be an celebrity so that I could have all these amazing sponsorship of clothings from my favorite brands.

The double-breasted jacket is available at Burberry, but only larger sizes..

Watch the trailer of here:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Those who pull it off -- Men in Milan's Fashion Week

Models coming down the runway are too perfectly styled to make hearts swirl. It's often times these accidentally street encounters that are most inspiring. Taken by GQ's correspondent during Milan's Fashion Week, these "real" models indeed rocked the pavement. Every element of Fall trend is so effortlessly and whimsically illustrated.

Though I've bought a Prada mailmen bag made of the Camouflage Saffiano leather, my heart still craves the clutch shown on the first picture and the way he carries it make it so masculine and carefree. A same version, but made of classic Saffiano leather, is available at

Also, does any one know which season does the Louis Vuitton scarf come from?


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Take Ivy -- Band of Outsiders 2011 FW

People from all ages are so into reminiscence these days. Why is that the past always seems so golden and the present is just plain boring. I'm assuming it's because we always take granted for things we have for today and never really show appreciation, otherwise, we're just becoming numb and dumb.

I accidentally encounter the book the other day when I was browsing at J. Crew. I was just fascinated to see those students from the pictures taken several decades ago are so "in trend". Madras Plaid, Khaki shorts, Tweed jackets and everything else we're trying to pull off. Though not graduated from one of the Ivy league schools, I'm very much into Academic preppy. I wonder when those baggy sweatpants and hoodies with "University of XXX" took over the campus of America?

Everyone has a different interpretation about academic style and mine is best illustrated by Band of Outsiders. Those topsiders worn by models are from a collaboration between Band of Outsiders and Sperry. I especially like the one made of ripstop nylon in bright yellow. It's a great pair to break the tension of gloomy winter outfits. A recent collaboration with Korean brand named Bean Pole is also presented these past couple days. Check here.

Given the limited distribution in US, it's very hard to find a boutique that stocks all of the items. The Band of Outsiders On-line shopping site is probably the best bet, so go check it out!

They're also available at and
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