Thursday, October 7, 2010

Those who pull it off -- Men in Milan's Fashion Week

Models coming down the runway are too perfectly styled to make hearts swirl. It's often times these accidentally street encounters that are most inspiring. Taken by GQ's correspondent during Milan's Fashion Week, these "real" models indeed rocked the pavement. Every element of Fall trend is so effortlessly and whimsically illustrated.

Though I've bought a Prada mailmen bag made of the Camouflage Saffiano leather, my heart still craves the clutch shown on the first picture and the way he carries it make it so masculine and carefree. A same version, but made of classic Saffiano leather, is available at

Also, does any one know which season does the Louis Vuitton scarf come from?



  1. The LV scarf looks like it's from Women's SS10.

  2. that's correct, its the Monogram Cheche scarf from Spring 2010.

  3. ah definetly my favorite is the f-troupe with those torn khakis!

  4. And boots, one of the must haves for this season :)


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