Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Pictures from Stella McCartney Kids Collection

More pictures from the most anticipated Stella McCartney Kids Collection that will be available on-line at

I'm getting this "Lee" jacket for my Baby Tiger and hopefully myself~~


  1. I want the bandjacket for myself hehe. I wonder if they have it in my size:P?

  2. Probably not. I'll keep you updated after I try on one of these. I'm size 44/46

  3. too bad only my god daughters will get to enjoy these. making me want my own kids..

  4. I swear if I could fit their XL, I soo would call these babies my own. Seriously, can she just deliver us men a a collection already! Such a tease! Haha.

  5. I love Stella so much!
    Her bags & accesoires hits my heart time to time.


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