Friday, September 24, 2010

Making Vintages of Burberry Prorsum Military Shirt & Patch V-Neck

The long long Summer of DC has drained my closet long long before Autumn falls upon us. My tolerance of boring t-shirts and sloppy jeans has reached a vomiting point. Any extra layer I put on is suicidal in this burning weather. Chill off already! It's almost October!

The classic military shirt and the V-neck with a scottish patch are what helped me survive the dry-spell. The shirt was bought almost two years ago and somehow buried in my closet since then. The exactly style has been replicated every season for Burberry Prorsum with changes of different colors. With everyone going military this season, the dark moss colored shirt finally made its debut this summer.

Wearing a shirt can get real nasty under a steamy hot weather. Another my savior for this ungodly weather is this V-neck with a simple but very cool Scottish patch. I often pair it with one of those classic Prada stretch cotton pants and Lanvin sneaker that I blogged before here.

"Vintage" Burberry Prorsum Military Shirts from current season are available at:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tough Love--Burberry Prorsum 2011 Spring Summer Womenswear

The world we live in has become a dangerous place. We're a lot more vulnerable than we used to be with all the self-attentions we've been getting. No wonder Armory style is so in trend. The obsession of becoming an urban worrier shows our insecurity.

With a great tradition evolved from military clothing, who could beat Burberry Prorsum for making "war" outfits. Patted and studded! Danger is our nickname!

Tough armory with a soft raffle inside is what we are going for these days.

Pre-order your "armory and weapons" at

Fall winter 2010 collection are available at Net-a-Porter and NeimanMarcus

Live Stream of Burberry Prorsum Ss 2011 Womenswear from London Fashion Week

Live-stream from London, the Burberry Ss 2011 Womenswear show.

Burberry is all over the place these days: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and every other possible media that you can think of. It's become an tradition to live-stream their shows to get everyone involved. The Ss 2011 womenswear is not as intriguing as the show for menswear with too many elements such floral prints, leopard prints, raffles and etc. It lacks a consistent theme and deviated from the tradition of Burberry a little bit too far.

On a side note, I am just fascinated to know how badly-desinged those high-heels are. I've never seen so many models tripped over at one show. Their walk was obviously affected by the shoes and they certainly don't seems uncomfortable~~

I might be too sensitive to say this, but I think Christopher Bailly didn't look happy when he came out for the show down~~ Go check out yourself

All pieces from the Ss2011 womenswear can be Pre-ordered at

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Boy! Band of Outsiders by Scott Sterberg

No matter if you're in your 20, 30, or 40, there's a stubborn boy lives in every man. Deep down, we know for sure that we'll never be that mature and sophisticated figure that we though we were going to be. We make the same mistake again and again and hang up on the same naive obsession over and over.

We may have put on many outfits to conceal the inner childishness, but we definitely want to dress like a boy from time to time, just to remind us how stupid and happy we used to be. This nostalgic obsession has served me very well~

Band of outsiders were founded by Scott Sternberg in 2004. It's been a big hit especially in Tokyo, where people somehow take the Great American nostalgia very seriously.

Modernly proportioned, classically inspired, and hand sewn and seemed. Those are the aspects that make this Boy very special. I posted the handmade toggle jacket a while ago on my blog and I finally got it with a very reasonable price tag at Maybe it's the toggle closure, or the hooded style, or the short and slim cut, or anything that makes this jacket reminds me that I never got to wear things like this when I was a boy and how I longed for one. The second jacket is actually called School Boy Jacket, with whimsical boyishness all over it.

Band of Outsiders products are mostly found at the following on-line retailer:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Proenza Schouler Went on Vacation -New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week has been and probably will always be the less charming (but not ugly) stepsister of those Snow Whites at Milan and Paris. Still, I'm thrilled to see freshly baked runway pictures coming out the the tent everyday.

Maybe because I was still happily under the spell of Ss 2010 for Proenza Schouler, the Ss2011 came as a bit disappointing. It's just too resort-y for me and much understated than Ss last year. I was hoping to see some very intriguing statement pieces like those tie-dyed and very revealing T-shirts from last summer.

The duo siad that they intended to go with a more polished and lady look for the next Summer and I was obviously too hung up for all the fun we had. Anyway, it still makes a hell of " Resort" collection~~

All pix from NYMag

Use to browse all on-line retailers for Proenza Schouler

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boarding School Style -- Phillip Lim Ss 2011 from New York Fashion Week

Boarding school has never been this fun! In essence, we're still the boys that are innocent while bad. The setting reminds me the f/w 2010 menswear show from Moncler, with the bunk beds and stuff. Phillip Lim is no doubt the most successful newcomer of Fashion. I'm glad to see that he finally burned out his obsession with this ethnic theme and trying out some simple urban chic. We had fun with all the baggy pants and colorful prints and we're ready to move on.

Those two interesting boots are currently under my watch and they're great for the coming fall season. Accessorized with the leather backpack shown above and you're ready for SCHOOL!

Hot From Oven: Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 Women's Full Show

Phillip Lim are sold here: &

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashions Night Out -- Balenciaga with Cindy Sherman Untitled Exhibit

Is it just me or does the FNO thing seems stupid! Last year I ripped my heart out when I had to miss the event. I'm definitely going to have a look-see this year but as the event approaching, it seems more and more pointless.

The Anna Wintour promised all-time big Lincoln Center Fashion show was a chaos!
I'm so glad that I didn't purchase the ticket for it and so sad for people who did pay. It was ridiculously short and very bad organized. I bet the wait time for the show was several times longer than the actual show.

I watched the live stream on CBS and there was this very annoying male commentator that made me mute the TV. I'm fine with the heavy accent and and constantly blowing the microphone like a rookie, but what ticked me off was that he was constantly talking rubbish and repeating names of models and brand. There were literally too many models with too many outfits that all you noticed were people walking around and around and around~~Hey Anna, I thought you were better than that!

Open bars do not equal Sales!
I could only imagine the crowd this Friday, with people rushing through store to store to pick up cheap gift bags and hoping to encounter some celebrities, or just get some free booze. For people like me, who hates crowd and doesn't have any celebrity crush, what's the point of being squeezed and squashed? Since when shopping becomes a battle? It's not like there is any sale going on!

BUT! Being a self-educated fashionita as I am, I have to go at least once to getting involved. I know it's sad. High-end Fashion's really about business, and they only play with the filthy rich and celebrities. I admit that sometimes I feel like a needy and desperate left-behind kid crying "play with me! Please play with me!" I'm too damaged to get cured~~ run for yourself!

If there's any spot on Friday that I wouldn't want to miss is my all time favorite Balenciaga Store on West 22nd. I know, I know... they're just goofing around with me. But I do hope to see Mr. Nicholas Ghesquiere! Can some arrange that!?

Anyway, if you're planning to go to the event, Please Be Out Of My Way! LOL!

Scared of the crowd, shop on-line for Balenciaga at or

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Bit of Sweet Summer -- Balenciaga & Lanvin Sneakers

Balenciaga Ss2010 Patchwork Sneaker

Lanvin Ss2010 Cap-toe Sneaker

Summer in DC can get real ugly: it's a burning hell that destroys every bit of imagination or creativity that you have about summer outfit. The only outfit that are wearable under this ungodly weather is a pair of shorts with a very revealing T-shirt, and worst of all, an inevitable pair of flip-flop. (People from L.A, no offense) Putting on a pair of jean would be like having hot fondue near the fireplace. Forget about layering or mix and matching.

Sure it's fun and cool to show some cleave, even for men, but in no time, you're running out of ideas and color palettes to play with. In a nut shell, you just miss being tightly hugged by your blazer.

Finally, a tiny bit of Autumn breeze has sneaked in and I can't wait to hang out with those every-season-but-not summer pieces that I bought during Summer, entirely out of fondness and lust~~

The patchwork sneaker from Balenciaga is a classic style that comes out every season with various alternations. But throughout the short history of this super spaceship-y sneaker, this is my most beloved one. The color palette with beige, york, navy, black, and white (all my favorite colors) and most of all, the futuristic materials that make all the senses. This is one of those pairs that you "literally" saw your name engraved onto the sole.

The second pair from Lanvin is actually for women. I tried very hard to find a similar version from men's collection but failed. The silky shoe lace makes it very feminine and trust me, I've been back and forth. The almighty Net-a-Porter had only one pair left when they were deeply discounted, so I bought it anyway. I changed the shoe lace into a regular one and it actually looks very cool on a guy!

For more Lanvin shoes, visit or for the latest FW collection.

If you like the Balenciaga sneaker, they are actually on sale at

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