Friday, September 24, 2010

Making Vintages of Burberry Prorsum Military Shirt & Patch V-Neck

The long long Summer of DC has drained my closet long long before Autumn falls upon us. My tolerance of boring t-shirts and sloppy jeans has reached a vomiting point. Any extra layer I put on is suicidal in this burning weather. Chill off already! It's almost October!

The classic military shirt and the V-neck with a scottish patch are what helped me survive the dry-spell. The shirt was bought almost two years ago and somehow buried in my closet since then. The exactly style has been replicated every season for Burberry Prorsum with changes of different colors. With everyone going military this season, the dark moss colored shirt finally made its debut this summer.

Wearing a shirt can get real nasty under a steamy hot weather. Another my savior for this ungodly weather is this V-neck with a simple but very cool Scottish patch. I often pair it with one of those classic Prada stretch cotton pants and Lanvin sneaker that I blogged before here.

"Vintage" Burberry Prorsum Military Shirts from current season are available at:


  1. J'adore the shoes. Need to go shoe shopping soon!!

  2. Burberry described the buttons on the military shirt as metallic, but I don't see it. Perhaps there is more than one version of this shirt.

  3. Anonymous: was the description on their website? I know the descriptions aren't always right... I bought a snood that is supposed to be %100 cashmere according to the description but it was only %20...

  4. Yes, the description was from their website. The relaunched website has the same description again:

    I would expect metallic to mean made of a metal, metal-coated or more or less indistinguishable from metal.


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