Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Boy! Band of Outsiders by Scott Sterberg

No matter if you're in your 20, 30, or 40, there's a stubborn boy lives in every man. Deep down, we know for sure that we'll never be that mature and sophisticated figure that we though we were going to be. We make the same mistake again and again and hang up on the same naive obsession over and over.

We may have put on many outfits to conceal the inner childishness, but we definitely want to dress like a boy from time to time, just to remind us how stupid and happy we used to be. This nostalgic obsession has served me very well~

Band of outsiders were founded by Scott Sternberg in 2004. It's been a big hit especially in Tokyo, where people somehow take the Great American nostalgia very seriously.

Modernly proportioned, classically inspired, and hand sewn and seemed. Those are the aspects that make this Boy very special. I posted the handmade toggle jacket a while ago on my blog and I finally got it with a very reasonable price tag at Maybe it's the toggle closure, or the hooded style, or the short and slim cut, or anything that makes this jacket reminds me that I never got to wear things like this when I was a boy and how I longed for one. The second jacket is actually called School Boy Jacket, with whimsical boyishness all over it.

Band of Outsiders products are mostly found at the following on-line retailer:


  1. Lucky you for having Gilt! They don't ship to Sweden!! :-( Would be nice to have deals like that. There's a little boy in all of us. :-)

  2. love the coat!
    i have a thing for toggles too...

  3. Hey Tom, Try Yoox then. It's my favorite on-line outlet store ~


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