Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashions Night Out -- Balenciaga with Cindy Sherman Untitled Exhibit

Is it just me or does the FNO thing seems stupid! Last year I ripped my heart out when I had to miss the event. I'm definitely going to have a look-see this year but as the event approaching, it seems more and more pointless.

The Anna Wintour promised all-time big Lincoln Center Fashion show was a chaos!
I'm so glad that I didn't purchase the ticket for it and so sad for people who did pay. It was ridiculously short and very bad organized. I bet the wait time for the show was several times longer than the actual show.

I watched the live stream on CBS and there was this very annoying male commentator that made me mute the TV. I'm fine with the heavy accent and and constantly blowing the microphone like a rookie, but what ticked me off was that he was constantly talking rubbish and repeating names of models and brand. There were literally too many models with too many outfits that all you noticed were people walking around and around and around~~Hey Anna, I thought you were better than that!

Open bars do not equal Sales!
I could only imagine the crowd this Friday, with people rushing through store to store to pick up cheap gift bags and hoping to encounter some celebrities, or just get some free booze. For people like me, who hates crowd and doesn't have any celebrity crush, what's the point of being squeezed and squashed? Since when shopping becomes a battle? It's not like there is any sale going on!

BUT! Being a self-educated fashionita as I am, I have to go at least once to getting involved. I know it's sad. High-end Fashion's really about business, and they only play with the filthy rich and celebrities. I admit that sometimes I feel like a needy and desperate left-behind kid crying "play with me! Please play with me!" I'm too damaged to get cured~~ run for yourself!

If there's any spot on Friday that I wouldn't want to miss is my all time favorite Balenciaga Store on West 22nd. I know, I know... they're just goofing around with me. But I do hope to see Mr. Nicholas Ghesquiere! Can some arrange that!?

Anyway, if you're planning to go to the event, Please Be Out Of My Way! LOL!

Scared of the crowd, shop on-line for Balenciaga at or

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  1. maybe you should change your name to mr. balquierre... :p


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