Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Begin of Another Journey -- Hermes Steve Messenger Bag

Life is truly a journey ---- of choices: decisions made up and shaped up the life we live in. I've been thankful that most of my decisions, accidentally or purposely made, have been working very well for me.

Being stuck in a life-alternating-and-evolving process of making decisions for too damn long, I finally decided on one thing that I'm mostly certain of, my life-long obsession with those frivolous but splendid fine luxuries. I finally crossed off one-thing from my make-up-your-freaking-mind list and here comes my first Hermes bag, the brutally cool Steve Messenger bag.

Making decision on which color is even more stressful than deciding to buy, though I have been secretly enjoying this happily-ever-after torture. After months of deliberating and excessive bothering the Sales Associate name Keith at Hermes, I made my decision on a carelessly visit to the store. Isn't that most of the time that how decisions are made: after all the rationalities, you just have to rely on some instinct or impulse or whatever that clicked for you.

Decisions are not made to regret, and I'm gracious to say that at least I made the right decision on this one. The bag is as versatile as a bag could ever be with inside compartments and padded pocket and every other neat little thing. You thought the bag would be very low-key and unrecognizable with its ultra simple shape and design, but no Hermes can pass without notice. The thick but very light TOGO leather with the finest grains, plus the signature gold color, makes it a combination of quiet and loud, which is the ultimate status that I'm in life-long pursue.

With so many bad decisions ahead to make, I thank whoever is up there to grand me this bag to help me pass through. Make up my mind, I'll have this bag with me for whatever that is coming. What is even better? Life as a tale ~~


  1. Oh!! You did it. You're on a roll! Hermès, then Balmain... what's next? I love it! I'm sure your journey has just become more exciting!

  2. Congratz on your first Hermès!!! I have yet to have such a glorious day (my belt and cuff will do for now) but I'm soo excited for you!


  3. Look at the leather!!! This messenger is perfect for guys! Congrats on your score. I'm saving for the HAC 40 black togo GHW....Plan to get it for my next birthday!!! So excited.

  4. I love this bag and the leather looks so good!

  5. i completely agree with you!
    well said.


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