Monday, August 31, 2009

Modeling for Stacked Bracelets Maniac

Hermes Hapi 3 MM
Retailed at $270

I've seen men wearing necklaces, studs, and all kinds of piercings. I've got several necklaces and studs, but I always find the bracelets are the most practical accessories that one can easily put on and look good. Wearing only one is far from enough. Wearing several of them and make them look like a cuff is more fun and creative. One thing to keep in mind is that all the bracelets have to be in some kind of consistency and organized in certain order. From bottom to top, I have Dior Homme buckle style, another Dior Homme plastic cuff, Burberry Studded leather Bracelet, and Bvlgari. The rule of thumb is to stick with same or similar color and to find one that accentuate the whole idea. Mine is the Bvlgari.

An easier way is to buy a wrapped around style bracelet that will help you do the work! The Hermes Hapi 3 MM shown at the top has been on my drooping list for a long time.

To buy Hermes Hapi 3 MM pic: click here


  1. Such a good idea, I'd be more likely to stick to brown hues in an attempt to emulate that divine Burberry wrap watch from last season.

  2. hey... great love the bracelets!

    pls tell me where did u get those plastic dior and the burberry one?? plss

    thnks :) take care
    nice blog

  3. im also more of a bracelet person than necklace. i also love stacking them up but in a monochromatic theme which is black. but now im trying to wear layered necklaces (a scapular and a black cord necklace w/ a silver pendant which is actually a tin can tab) :)


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