Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Take Ivy -- Band of Outsiders 2011 FW

People from all ages are so into reminiscence these days. Why is that the past always seems so golden and the present is just plain boring. I'm assuming it's because we always take granted for things we have for today and never really show appreciation, otherwise, we're just becoming numb and dumb.

I accidentally encounter the book the other day when I was browsing at J. Crew. I was just fascinated to see those students from the pictures taken several decades ago are so "in trend". Madras Plaid, Khaki shorts, Tweed jackets and everything else we're trying to pull off. Though not graduated from one of the Ivy league schools, I'm very much into Academic preppy. I wonder when those baggy sweatpants and hoodies with "University of XXX" took over the campus of America?

Everyone has a different interpretation about academic style and mine is best illustrated by Band of Outsiders. Those topsiders worn by models are from a collaboration between Band of Outsiders and Sperry. I especially like the one made of ripstop nylon in bright yellow. It's a great pair to break the tension of gloomy winter outfits. A recent collaboration with Korean brand named Bean Pole is also presented these past couple days. Check here.

Given the limited distribution in US, it's very hard to find a boutique that stocks all of the items. The Band of Outsiders On-line shopping site is probably the best bet, so go check it out!

They're also available at and

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