Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keep On Weaving -- Bottega Veneta Intrecciato VN Briefcase

The finely weaved leather pattern has been synonymous with the Bottega Veneta. Known as "Intressicato", the leather weaving technique was originated by the founder in late 1960's. I've been long captured by this soft and colorful web they weaved. Especially with women's collection, there're such a variety of pop colors and materials to choose from.

My heart just melted and surrendered when I first touched the leather. It is as soft as the skin of your most secret place of your body~~

You may worry that for leather this exquisite, it's just so damn hard to keep it clean. But the point of a leather bag, especially this good, is to spoilt it with all the stuff you've been through with your life and aged it so beautifully and meaningfully. I have a compact wallet from Bottega Veneta that it is made of their signature intrecciato leather and to make it worse, the color is light blue. Some parts of the leather has been discolored with use, but it is becoming softer and softer and even today, after years of use, you can still smell the fresh scent of fine quality leather, with a hint of history!

Bottega just remodeled their on-line shopping site and it is so far the easiest and "chicest" website from big fashion houses. Go take a look~~

Recently, I've self-grown an obsession with briefcase. Maybe it's because I need to go into the work field ASAP. Briefcase nowadays are not exclusive for business anymore, it is an great accessory to accentuate your style, whether your urban-dandy or street chic. If you still think a briefcase is too formal to your style, you can add a hint of playfulness and fun with a small decorative gadget, like the Cutest Elephant cell phone strap also from Bottega Veneta. Don't forget to take it off on Monday when you go to work!


  1. Wow! This is exquisite, to the very last detail. Yes, I agree that briefcases can also be casual. Why, men even carry them like a folio.

  2. Oh my! Absolutely gorgeous! The green color is beautiful! I just had my first BV bag as well, and man, the leather is as soft as butter. Congratulations!!!!

  3. Awwww shucks. I think you'll look great carrying your briefcase to work. But don't get distracted when your working, coz when it's out of the box you just can't stop staring or touching it. :-)

  4. The details.. the color. All of it is so beautiful.

  5. Lovely! BV is really one of the best there is. I bet this looks great on you.


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