Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Bit of Sweet Summer -- Balenciaga & Lanvin Sneakers

Balenciaga Ss2010 Patchwork Sneaker

Lanvin Ss2010 Cap-toe Sneaker

Summer in DC can get real ugly: it's a burning hell that destroys every bit of imagination or creativity that you have about summer outfit. The only outfit that are wearable under this ungodly weather is a pair of shorts with a very revealing T-shirt, and worst of all, an inevitable pair of flip-flop. (People from L.A, no offense) Putting on a pair of jean would be like having hot fondue near the fireplace. Forget about layering or mix and matching.

Sure it's fun and cool to show some cleave, even for men, but in no time, you're running out of ideas and color palettes to play with. In a nut shell, you just miss being tightly hugged by your blazer.

Finally, a tiny bit of Autumn breeze has sneaked in and I can't wait to hang out with those every-season-but-not summer pieces that I bought during Summer, entirely out of fondness and lust~~

The patchwork sneaker from Balenciaga is a classic style that comes out every season with various alternations. But throughout the short history of this super spaceship-y sneaker, this is my most beloved one. The color palette with beige, york, navy, black, and white (all my favorite colors) and most of all, the futuristic materials that make all the senses. This is one of those pairs that you "literally" saw your name engraved onto the sole.

The second pair from Lanvin is actually for women. I tried very hard to find a similar version from men's collection but failed. The silky shoe lace makes it very feminine and trust me, I've been back and forth. The almighty Net-a-Porter had only one pair left when they were deeply discounted, so I bought it anyway. I changed the shoe lace into a regular one and it actually looks very cool on a guy!

For more Lanvin shoes, visit Net-a-Porter.com or Barneys.com for the latest FW collection.

If you like the Balenciaga sneaker, they are actually on sale at BlueFly.com


  1. I love love love your Lanvin. The rich tan color gives it a patinated look. And the patent cap and trim. Yummy!! Go with the grosgrain lace if you want a more elegant but casual look, say an evening party, then dress it down street with the regular lace.

  2. Thanks Tom! So happy when people share the same interests~~

  3. Yeah, totally agree on that one. You're not alone. There are plenty of us out there. :-)


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