Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stella McCartney For GapKids.... or Big Boys Like Me

Stella McCartney for Gap Kids
Band Jacket

Gap is chic. Stella is genius. The last thing for a economic brand to do is trying to be fancier. Forever 21 has successfully made its name "cheaper" than their price tags by producing massive low-quality knock-offs. Gap, on the other hand, has always focused on basic essential pieces with quiet designs and with minimum efforts, it has made its way through this noisy frugalista-fashion market. Gapkids is always better than gap grown-ups. Maybe it's because everything looks cuter when smaller. This time, Stella has made Gapkids even cuter and the grown-ups even more jealous. I adore the band jacket!! It reminds me of Hedi Slimane. What a pity that I am too big to fit into a XXXL. I feel like a stupid giant though I am a size 46. Anyway, the collection features many cashmere pieces and are priced at relatively reasonable prices. There are also elements from Stella's own line such as the leopard print intarsia sweater.

Public Letter to Stella McCartney:

Dear Stella, can I have a band jacket like those in my size? Also, so hoping you can launch a line for menswear. Say hi to Mr. Paul McCartney:)



  1. I want to dress my kids like this.

  2. haha I hope I can dress myself like this : )

  3. My thoughts exactly! Well, I need a big girls size 4 but you know what I mean. I guess I will live through my child in seeing her wear Stella's band jacket, the single greatest piece of clothing I have ever purchased.

  4. The single greatest piece of clothing I have ever seen. Stella, pleaes make it in a ladies size 4.
    I will again pay the $100 and some dollars.

  5. I could have fainted when I walked by the Michigan Avenue - Chicago GAP and saw, first that Stella was designing for GAP (no GAP fan here but Stella, yes) and two the BAND JACKET. Price was not a concern. Style rules.

    Please make it a ladies size 4 Stella. I will earn what I need to in order to have a jacket to match my lil gal!

    Rock on!


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