Friday, April 8, 2011

Let it Hang -- Maison Martin Margiela T Shirt with Strap

(Below) Wearing ASOS Jeans with Balenciaga Sneaker

Spring means only one thing for me; the inevitable cleaning and reorganization of my never-big-enough closet. At the bottom of a very neatly folded (So what! I use one of those Flip Folds and I love it!) ex-love-shirts, I stumbled upon this MMM t-shirt from way back that I don't even remember owning it - -! I instantly fell in love with its superb quality of cotton and the simple but awesome strap detail, again. So I put away my Flip Folds (laugh all you want, we all know it's a great invention!) and took these photos. This is why I never throw out any of my clothes, because you never know what your "flirtatious" taste might want. So dig deep into your closet and find the shirt that once you promised that you'll love him/her forever, or at least for that season...


  1. I really like the tshirt its simple but that strap just adds that little extra something...I wish I had one of those flip folds...I need it..deseperately! haha...I haven´t seen you closet but mine is so not big enough! I think one day I´ll open it and my clothes will jump right at me!

    The Black Label

  2. couldn't take my eyes off that sneakers!
    I want!!



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