Monday, March 21, 2011

Camouflage That You'll Never Miss -- Prada Classic Briefcase Camouflage-Printed Saffiano Leather

I love camouflage! I love its quiet subtleness hiding behind this seemingly chaotic of shapes and colors. I love its military influence, with a hint of street-ness, and now, a twist of high-end luxury. The take on camouflage by Prada is very satisfying. Preserving the edginess of camouflage, the texture of their classic  Saffiano leather gives camouflage an upgrade that is long overdue.

The detachable shoulder strap, also in printed Saffiano leather, and the many credit slots and a portfolio document holder makes it stylish and functional. How could I resist? .....


  1. I wouldn´t resist either..its absolutely fabulous! I´ll never see camouflage the same way again..

    The Black Label

  2. beautiful bag!
    will last forever :)

  3. Are you Serious! nobody could resist! LOVE!


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