Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dior Homme Napa Leather Duffle Bag -- Nappa Nappa So-pa Soft-a

This is the bag that got me through the whole Summer and now it's time for it to rest. Made of genuine napa calf leather, the bag feels as soft as your most intimate area (wherever that is). Effortless minimum design and the versatility makes it great for everyday use. The bag can be carried cross body or on shoulder as a messenger bag. But I prefer hang it on my shoulder and let the bag just reaches my upper torso (reaches the side of upper torso, or say, rib). Is there a name for that kind of bag? Anyway, it looks very relaxed and masculine, although many women's bags are carried this way.

I don't like heavy-duty bags for Summer. This is more of the toss 'n pick-up type (soft, but very durable since it's napa leather). I like the way it looks when it's not stuffed. It's like a big black fortune cookie (or wonton) that transforms its shape accordingly to your movements...

I've long lost interests in Dior Homme bags since the golden days of Hedi Slimane and I'm having a dry spell for its clothing line too. I still remember the thrill'n chill the first time I met the iconic Deville Bag.... ohh .... the good old days ~~

Fun fact: the napa leather a special sun tanned grain leather, a method originated at Napa, California. Yes, where the wines also come from :)

Another version of this bag is still available at Saks.com


  1. Oh is this a giveaway? (kidding) Beautiful!

  2. great bag :D
    n u have awesome blog :))

    p.s : thank you for leaving a sweet comment at my blog :)

    visit me often at ailovesclothes.blogspot.com


  3. thank you for commenting on my blog :) that bag is great. !! i was just looking at that and thinking of buying it as a gift. hahaha.


  4. Never knew that about Napa leather- you really do learn something new every day.
    Thanks for the visit. Liking your style here- may have to stay a while.

  5. probably mr wang got hisinspiration from dior

  6. thank you very much.
    I love your header!
    Best wishes

  7. Mr. Burbailey, you have the most unique pieces and you carry them off so well. Great bag!

    -Mitch from http://www.lifeistooshorttodowithout.com

  8. Oh this bag is so beautiful! Love the colout and the shape too! Really nice!!!

    Czech fashion bloger


  9. hello Burbailey!!! this bag is so beautiful, i really like it!
    check mine if you have time!
    thans :)


  10. wow, that bag looks really nice even though u made it sound like it's ancient. yeah i feel the same for dior homme. it kinda lost the wow factor. but they're moving in a different direction! dunno if its a good thing.

    cool fun fact btw, never knew that

  11. is that mean that you are selling this or putting it as a giveaway?? lol

  12. Love the black one! And are you telling me to go bottomless??

  13. L O V E it! i realy love your last comment - so sweet! i'm curious what you think about my new post...and have you seen k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter?

    xoxo from rome

  14. was thinking about that but I´m not shure ^^ got a pony now (=
    nice side you have like your style

    love sunbeam

  15. thank you :)
    Now i have a lot to do ;)

  16. THE bag! love it, your blog is really good. x


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