Friday, November 5, 2010

BooYAH!! Band Of Outsiders Split Collar Sweater Fall Winter 2010 & Balenciaga Leather jacket

A 100% cashmere sweater with ivy-y emerald green (my newly developed favorite color) stripes and above all, classic leather woven buttons. The soft and premium cashmere keeps me warm and cozy while the split collar makes me feel creative. I have so many ways to mix 'n match with this particular style. ( Excuse me for the accidentally reveal of my @#$@%)

This particular style is only available at the Band of Outsiders official on-line shop and there's also another commonly seen version with navy and yellow strip but without the leather woven buttons.

The Balenciaga jacket is one of the many proudly and lucky purchases from, my dear place to get discounted Balenciaga. I vaguely remember that this jacket is from 2009 Spring Summer but somehow, I spotted an exactly one at the Jeffrey New York store while I was paying my routine visit to New York and it was retailed at full price at about $2800 among all the Fall Winter 2010 products. Hmm~~~ hope no one get ripped off !

The leather is without a doubt insanely soft that makes you wanna cry, out of joy. And if you heart Balenciaga as I do, you'll know that every bit of details of this jacket is Balenciaga.

Have you noticed that Band of Outsiders can be shortened as B O O

And also, I did that revealing on purpose`` BOOYAH ~~

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  1. love your sweater! What do you think of following each other? xx

  2. hey! your blog is fantastic :)) the photos too! wanna follow me? :b


  3. very genius blog :D
    best wishes! thee

  4. Literally there is a tiny little drop of pee coming out when i saw you in that balenciaga jacket. Amazing, with a capital A!!

  5. hey thank you for your comment :)

    i love the blog, so cool.

    that jumper is to die for, I adore cashmere.

    I am following you :)

  6. love the placements of the buttons and the simple color tones.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment :)

    Jose C.

  7. oh man, i heart balenciaga too!! just the sight of it makes me wallow in joy.

  8. love the first pic for a certain small detail!

  9. I love Band of Outsiders but sometimes their clothes are cut too short....still their aesthetic is so nice to see on other people


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