Monday, November 8, 2010

Andrew Garfield from for Band of Outsiders

Andrew Garfield's memorable performance in has made him officially into the stardom of hollywood. Though I personally find that his act in the movie a bit juvenile, but he's no doubt the one character that in the whole movie --- that is not obnoxious. I'm no expert in movie, but I do know that his photo shoots for Band of Outsiders Fall Winter 2010 captures very well the spirit of the brand, and maybe the characteristic of himself ...


  1. I love the hat and the way he photograph. Not so big fan of the yellow gillet.. looks like a lifevest jacket :P

  2. It looks like '60's surfer boy vintage pics. V. cool!

  3. that's the spirit, a boy within a grown man lol

  4. im absolutely in love with your blog :)
    so witty, and gives readers a true insight into mens fashion.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  5. hey Shane!
    yeah agree with you women's collection is always so fun! but will I spot you in one of the dress? LOL!
    no way rite?

    anyway andrew garfield is gorgeous!


  6. i find the glasses really nice. hmmm, i think i have a thing for glasses now :P

  7. nico: the sun glasses looks on the model but I can't never pull off something that trendy and edgy :) you should try it !

  8. He's a cutie!

    I thought he was a bit too good-looking for the role...


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