Friday, February 11, 2011

Wrapped Me Tight -- Duvetica Down Vest

& Lacoste Live Gingham Shirt
(Below) Dear Kenny McCormick... I don't wanna be killed anymore.
(Below) Chinese Pop Diva Faye Wong Wearing Duvetica Down Jacket
Photo Credit: 00o00

I'm having a serious fever with colorful down jackets these days. Maybe it's the excruciating cold weather, or I'm just tired of the black and gray of a typical winter. The down jackets from Duvetica, a similar brand of Moncler that's also from Italy, caught my attention with its neon colors and a zipper that can zip up all the way to your head with an extended zipper around the edge of the hood. I guess this is what Kenny McCromick's been wearing all these years in South Park. 

Compare to Moncler, a company known for fancy down jackets, Duvetica's colors are more edgier and funkier. Not to mention the many more choices you have with Duvetica. And what is most appealing is that they're about 30% -50% cheaper than Moncler! But the quality is as superb:) So why not? 

Duvetica jackets are mostly available at Barneys Co-op stores. and


  1. ♥ Duvetica! :-) And, I agree 100% → almost the SAME as Moncler in look & quality, but without the ridiculous $$$$ ! Great buy... ☆

    - Brad/

  2. you know what? You look amazing!! You've got a great style, keep going! xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  3. amazing post! you're so cool

    xoxo, wonderfashionista

  4. The color is beatutiful¡¡
    Good option 4 others sad colors

  5. dont care abpout the jacket, but i like the 3rd photo... it made me smile :)


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