Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Bears -- Adidas Originals + Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear Sneakers 2011

(Below) The Pink Ones Are Not Mine.... I Swear! 
 (Below) Prada Techno Jacket and Acne Jeans 
 (Below) In What Day, I Can Go Out... ... 

The Spring Summer Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals is as romantically naive as usual. The fire, lightnings, wings that glow in the dark, and of course, the fluffy teddy bears are almost too childish for designer fashion. And I know I'm probably too old for this but who can resist fluffy brown smiling bears?! I bet Anna Wintour secretly owns a pair and wears all the time when at home...

Not to mention that all the fuss about this pair on the blogsphere even before it hits the store. I called the Originals store at Georgetown way back in February, but they didn't have a waiting list so it's basically first come first served. I was lucky to accidentally dropped by the store on its first day of sale. I went there the next day to buy my friend the pink one and most of the sizes were sold out already...

If your inner child is also craving for this pair? Run fast to the store:)


  1. Aahhh They are just the cutest! I've seen the collection, its nice but too psychedelic for my taste :p ...the teddy bears are just adorable though! haha i might even buy some you know, to play anna wintour in ma housee ;)

  2. Ohh they are just sooo cute!!! makes wanna hug them haha...perhaps you are to old...but who cares you still rock them teddy bears!


  3. Those are super cute shoes:) outrageous but statement making. Btw, u have such great skin! U shld also share your beauty regime! I am so jealous!:)

    Just realized I had those Neil barrett pieces had from
    Fall winter 2010. I got the full suit instead, of that creased blazer and pants:) they are immaculately cut;) and the patchwork tee:) nice!

    love yr balmain;)


  4. amazing shoes! jeremy scott is a genious

  5. Wow, love your shoes. So cute!!! You too, by the way :-)

  6. Argh! your shoes are super duper cute! *dies of envy*

    Lee [Oh Yeah, Coffee!]

  7. so cute. u totally pulled off the look! love the jacket and pants


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