Monday, December 7, 2009

Chanel Paris-Shanghai 巴黎--上海 Métiers D'Arts Collection 2009-2010

Chanel Paris-Shanghai

When I was first amazed by the Chanel Paris-Moscow collection, I knew Shanghai will be the next place for Lagerfeld to take over. There are just so many elements in China, especially in Shanghai, that he can play with. There's a general stereotype for Shanghai people for being pretentious and arrogant. I'm not sure if it is true but I do know that they have some kind of quality that differs from people from Beijing, like me. I promise, people at Shanghai will not let Karl down. Not to mention that Asia, especially China, has become the major market for luxuries. I have no doubt that this collection will soon be sold out after they arrived at stores. The ultra fine craftsmanship of haute couture is what differentiates regular luxury brands with only read to wear lines. Lagerfeld again showed us the rich history of Chanel and the even richer history of fine tailoring. People are still talking about the Russian Doll inspired accessories from Paris-Moscow, and now there comes a similar version of Chinese doll handbag for people to seek after. If I have to complain about it, I'd say that everything is too similar to the Paris-Mowcow, even the make-up, hairdo, and settings. But it's still flattering to have a Chanel-Shanghai collection. Be prepared, real BIG SPENDERS are coming!

The telegraph UK commented "the 'Terracotta Army', the urban romanticism of Chinese cinema, the glittering, decadent-chic of 1930s Shanghai, and the opulence of the imperial court."

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