Friday, December 4, 2009

Modeling for Burberry Prorsum Contrast Woven Shirt & Sartoralist in DC

Burberry Prorsum F/w 2009 Contrast Woven Shirt

Wandering in DC

The reason why I love Washington DC, besides the fair weather and authentic Korean restaurants around Annadale VA, is because it's close to NYC. I was spending Thanksgiving break at DC couple days ago and yes, I went to NYC on Black Friday for shopping. We took the bus fairly early in the morning and four hours later, we arrived at NYC around noon. I've been to the Big Apple many times and I may not know how to get around at Central Park (can't believe that I still haven't been to the Park yet, after these many visits), but I do know where the goodies are! To me, the Core is definitely Chelsea area, probably because that's where Balenciaga is. I've developed a exclusive map for my kind of shopping trip. After several field practices, I now can manage my shopping trip to NYC in one day without missing any of my favorite store. Anyone interested in getting the map? Email me! Another thing that I am proud of is that I've seldom paid sale tax. I love the phrase "shop till you drop", but these days, I normally tell the SAs to ship my purchases. I mostly shop at stand-alone boutiques for most brands, so I don't have to pay sales tax. For example, if Burberry doesn't have a store in your State, then there is no sales tax on the products shipped to that State. Same policy apply to most stores. Not to mention that it's so much easier to shop without carring all the bags.

This shirt was one of my quite selective shopping conquests. Sorry for the wrinkles. I accidentally sat on it on my way back to DC! I also tried on the Camel Coat (shown below), but I am too small for their Euro 48. What's wrong with making your clothes in size 46 ? Chris! I actually called the store tailor to see if some nip/tuck can help. But the tailor said it was too much work and it'll probably destroy the silhouette. The tailor actually said that they are losing a lot business because of the small rage of sizes. SO DEAR MR. BAILEY, I'D LIKE TO SEE SOME OF YOUR GORGEOUS COATS IN 46 FOR THE COMING SEASON!PLEASE!!!

The second pix above was taken near the Washington DC Monument. I was so thrilled by the fair weather that I had to go out and take some pix. I was wearing my Philllip Lim Coat, Bvlgari Carbon Gold Watch, and caring my Louis Vuitton VLADIMIR portfolio bag.

Burberry is one SALE!


  1. Hey! I have a question, is DC a good destination? My hubby wants to go to DC but I am not cause I dont understand what there is to see. Like the shirt btw somehow its very ACNE :)

  2. i like this kind of shirt, which somehow reads to me as neil barrett. i actuall made something like this but i miscalculated the proportions that the sides of the shirt are way above the waistline of my jeans :(


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