Saturday, December 12, 2009

SlowMotion Vintage: Dior Homme 2008 F/W Broken Class Broken Heart

Dior Homme 2008 F/W

Like every other fashionista in every other corner of the world, I'm still lamenting over the leaving of Hedi Slimane. Kris still seems to be finding his way of tiding over Dior Homme and millions of royal fans of Hedi. The 2008 F/W from Kris was dark and sloppy, not in a bad way though. In this collection of grief, I struggled to find a piece that reminds me of the days when Dior Homme stirs the butterflies in my stomach. I didn't. So I picked this one, only one, from the collection to commemorate the feeling of happy and satisfied.

I need more Balenciaga to ease my pain :)

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