Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lanvin S/s 2010: Bring Sexy Back

We've known Lanvin for its chic elegance probably for too long. I'm glad that Albert Elbaz is bringing us some new interpretations of Lanvin, little by little, and surprise by surprise. I'm no expert in addressing critiques, but Playful-Boyish-Sexy is my humble complimentary for Lanvin S/S 2010. For me, Lanvin stands for the best silky materials and precision tailoring. I'm usually too small to fit into a Lanvin piece but I know for sure that it'll make "every man a man". The highlights are all those playful accessories that'll boy-ish a man (deal with it, my English is like this), which I think is the ultimate level a man could be. You gotta know how to balance between being a boy and a man at the same time. Leaning too much into either direction will make you either a geek(??) or a jerk. Balance... it's all about balance ^^ For now, I'm letting my boy-side out and disturb: I'm definitely getting the necklace, and maybe the tie with the tie bar, or the animal pin, and the sunglasses... ... also a new Lanvin sneaker!

For those who have accidentally followed my blog or ever glanced my blog, I feel terrible for not blogging during the past few weeks
Can't you believe that Blogger, Youtube, and Facebook are all blocked-access in China? While being lazy for the past few weeks, I've wondering the true meaning of me blogging. I am definitely not doing this for killing spare time because I literally have none, nor that I've ever even wished of becoming famous with my crappy words and okay-photograph. I'm just trying to do the one thing that I actually have interests in. I guess on some level, it's similar to why Julie from does blog, or maybe not. BTW, it is a good movie, only a little bit too long ~~Zzzz

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