Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dior Homme's 2010 F/W BIG FAT BUMMER

Are you bored? Well, I am....

Have you seen Dior Homme lately? It seems to be no where to find!I'm just about to get aroused by the S/s collection and a big fat bummer came right above. Kris has been on and off the balance ever since he took over the scissors. DH pieces used to be so easy to recognize with its sleek silhouette and creative design, even for some previous seasons by Kris. The 2010 F/w can be anything but DH. You can't even tell whether it is Kris Van Assche or DH. A creative designer needs to be creative. It is just wrong to borrow ideas here and there from past collections of Kris Van Assche. I've had it enough for Kris... Can we please have someone new?!

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