Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato SUEDE Dodger

BV's Exceptionally Comfortable "Dodger" Shoe

If you know who Tomas Maier is, then you know too much about fashion. If you only know who Marc Jacobs is, then you know too little about fashion. Fashion is pretentious. It enjoys ridiculing those with "no sense". But can anyone really tell what "sense" should we have to be in fashion? We see jumpy creepy designers all the time. If that's fashion, I'd rather be a person with no sense at all. I could never say that I understand fashion and I'm getting more confused day by day. I don't usually know the creative designers for some big houses and I'm still having problem pronouncing Ann Demeuleemester. I just learned the name of that average guy for Bottege Veneta's show is Tomas Maier. I know it when I see something I really like and I think that's quite enough for playing with fashion. This is my first purchase with Bottega Veneta even though I've know the name for quite a while. I like their clothes though they are never my size. I like their accessories though most of them are too "sophisticated or grown-up" for me. But when I first noticed this sneaker, I knew this one's for me! I enjoy visiting their stores just to touch and be touched by their exquisite crafts. Fashion can be really complicated with so called "trends" and sometime "bigger than life" price tags. It can also be as simple as:

"See something you like, speak up" Stewie Griffin

Bottega Veneta's Little Sth from Cruise 2010 Collection

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