Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SUMMER Sandals (NOT FLIP_FLOP) to look out!

Kris Van Assche Gladiator : Yay & Yay

Dries Van Noten Slip-On: Yay plus Nay

Louis Vuitton Flap: Yay & Yay

Jil Sander Strap: Yay----Lanvin Rope: Nay

It's rather disgusting to call them the "cleavage" for men. But they do work as the cleavage of women. The Runway flip-flops are finally flopped away, to where it belongs, the beach and the the bath. For those who have paid $100 and sth for a pair of designer robber flip-flops, it's really money down the drain. Designers are now paying their dues with all these beautiful and not necessary comfortable sandals. One thing to remember is that not everyone has the feet to wear sandal. So please don't ruin sandals like they did for flip-flops.

R.I.P Lanvin's most sought after S/s 2009 Satin-Gladdiator Sandal:

yoox.com has a pretty good collection of designer sandals at discount :)

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