Saturday, January 23, 2010

Balenciaga Men's 2010 F/W Preview

I am pretty slow in updating my blog. I guess it's because I have so many other hobbies that I enjoy. Especially since new year, I just have so many resolutions on my to-do lists. So far, I've been really busy but not accomplished any of them. I've read so many things and seen so many pictures for the Paris Fashion Week. I just don't see any point to update any news or photos since all other professional fellow bloggers have been so efficient. BUT! I do feel so obligated to update photos for my beloved Nicolas Ghesquière and his B...b..bbbbbalenciaga.

There are two themes that never die in fashion: Military and Futurism. Those are the two most powerful and durable weapons for designers to terminate my wallet strings. I always go sickly happy and broke when they combine. I feel lucky as well as sad that they seldom combine. For the coming 2010 Fall Winter (I know, we all live in fashion time), I have Burberry Prorsum to fulfill my Military desires and Balenciaga for my futuristic fantasies. Oh~~~~ I'll be so sickly happy.
Excessive colors and dizzy prints are lame for futurism
No one does it better than Nicolas with his sharp construction and minimal efforts. The pieces are quiet in colors and textures but very loud in presentations. It sometimes only takes a stitch to make it future! GO B..BB GO!

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