Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To the 100 Lovely People Who Followed and Supported!

Reading you comments is the first thing I do when I wake up! 
 And then, I am so encouraged to post more!

I started this blog in 2009 as an outlet to express my overwhelmed passion in fashion and of course, shopping. My intention was to keep a journal for myself of the beautiful clothes that I love and the talented designers that I admire. Because when you look back in time, the memory of being so hopeless fascinated about something is always intriguing.

I used to dream about having a dream, a life-long goal that I can strive for. I finally figured it out at this twenty something awkward age, but I'm already too far away on the opposite track. There's a great chance that this humble blog will be the only place that I can appreciate and celebrate fashion, but I will be still so blessed because you guys made it so much fun for me.

This blog is how I will remember that I am so hopeless fascinated about fashion. And thank you, the 100 lovely people who followed. I hope you all have something fun to be fascinated about in your life><

Let's P-O-S-T!


  1. awwww, you're so nice. it's good to discover your blog too!!! you're a great read. very down to earth :D

    keep it up!!!

  2. I love this blog!! and I'm glad I followed! keep up the good worklol!! <3

  3. congrats!! uve a wonderful blog and its worth reading. besides ur pictures are breathtaking like these 2 above LOL :))

    keep it up!

  4. Sweeeeeet... its a great blog, and i love it, you have done an outstanding job with it... Here's to a hundred more followers.... YEAHHHHH!

  5. congratulations
    it is really overdue
    that you check
    the 100 mark!

  6. sometimes i think about me & my father. i was probably around 5 years old, and dad and i were about to go out and pick up mom at airport. my dad ties my shoes & gets me ready to go out. up to this point, i’m still not even sure if this actually happened. but at least i know it was a happy feeling.

    10 years from now when i start reflecting the time that i had spent at mr shane's blog, out of certainty, it will be another happy feeling for me to reminisce.

  7. I'm proud to follow, thank you Mr. Burbaley !

  8. cute pitures!
    thank you for your comment. hmm unfourtunately the little owl in the picture isn't alife anymore, he broke ;(
    have a nice w e e k e n d !

  9. is that you !? cute :D

    keep doing such a great job!!!



  10. Just ♥ this Post...



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