Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skull and Pearl -- Luis Morais Jewelry at Aloha Rag

(Below) The Signature Bracelet from Luis Morais
Made of 18k Gold and Ebony Beads
Top on My Drooling List

The aesthetic of Luis Morais, the most sought-after jeweler based in Miami, is a combination of gothic dark and elegant light. Using varieties of luxury materials including Brazilian ebony beads, crocodile and lizard skin, sandalwood and gold, his high end jewelry has been an instant hit since its debut in 2000. 

He started his jewelry workshop by DIY a bracelet that he saw on a magazine. Due to popular demands, he had to make many similar pieces for his friends. As the requests piled up, he quit his job and started his own business. And now his collection are available around the globe in many high-end designer boutiques. If I knew DIY can turn into a successful business like Luis Morais, I would pay much more attention to the arts and crafts class when I was in school... 

His collection is available at Aloha Rag and the Bergdorf Goodman store at New York:) 


  1. Amazing bracelet with skull, so cool. I love it and I think that the "mcqueen" influence of this object made it more intersting...

  2. cool collection with the head x

  3. OMG → I was JUST on your Blog yesterday, checkin' out that SICK Balenciaga black leather jacket ♥ You've actually given me an idea for my next Blog Post, so THANK YOU! :-)
    Also, I ALMOST bought that SAME Luis Morais bracelet (except with silver skull) @ Holt Renfrew here in Toronto last year! I LOVE it! However, I opted to $AVE for my (white gold) Cartier Love Bracelet!! :-) :-)

    ♥ your Blog...

    And, thank you for your great comments on my Blog:

    - Brad/

  4. i never liked the skull trend in fashion. but this makes me see things in a different light. i like how he mixes the dark and the light as you said. and to be in bergdorf goodman means his products are really good.

  5. zomg you're in dc? i'm in dc! (ish). i didn't even know stylish people existed in dc. i'm definitely not one of them.

  6. You are not the only one drooling over that bracelet!! So cool! and beautiful!


  7. oh this is gorgeous! love the skull and the black and gold combo is so chic :) have a great weekend!

    love, M

  8. I'm not the girl(s) on the pictures haha! I'm just posting 'inspirational' pics on my blog (:

    I loveeeeee the skulls!

  9. this blog is isnpiring... maybe i should do this! :)


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